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Pianos for Play

We have always loved music, and at some point in our lives, were both quite musically inclined too! Back in our middle and early high school years, we both played multiple instruments (violin, piano, guitar, flute) and were even part of our school band for a short period of time. However, as we grew older and became busier, school and other hobbies slowly took precedence, and we put our love for music on the back burner. It is not often that you come across a beautifully hand painted piano like this one, on any school campus. This piano, along with five others, are on display in the middle of residential quads or high traffic places around campus, so passer-bys can play a few tunes or stop to listen to their peers' masterpieces or simple jingles. The outfits worn that afternoon are typical of what we normally wear to class on a casual, Spring day. Jess opted for a purple chiffon top with lace detailing on the sleeves, tucked into a pair of black high-waisted shorts. A metal-lace peter-pan collar necklace was used to complement the outfit perfectly for that extra girly touch. For shoes, her lace up, cut out, nude sandals matched her collar necklace flawlessly, and tied the whole outfit together beautifully. An off the shoulder shirt, similar to the one that Mel is wearing, offers a understated level of sexiness to her ensemble. Paired with a traditional, button down, denim skirt and simple black lace up flats, this outfit is unembellished, yet quite dressy at the same time. This spring, lace up shoes continue to remain in trend and we wanted to show how easy it is to style them!.


Outfit Details

Jess: Shirt - C&A in Europe (similar), Shorts - Forever 21, Shoes - DSW

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