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Mel's Travel Carry-on Bag for Hawaii

In preparation for my visit to Hawaii next week, I thought I would share a few personal necessities that I always include in my carry-on suitcase. Personally, I feel that a carry-on is always a must have, even when everything may fit into a checked in bag, just because luggage often gets lost and being stranded in a foreign place without any of your belongings puts quite a damper on your vacation.

1) Extra set of clothes and shoes - It's always a good idea to pack the outfits that you plan on wearing the first few days of your trip in your carry-on for easy access, so you wouldn't have to rummage through your check-in bag the next morning when you are exhausted from the jet lag. Here, I have included a thin, yellow cardigan from Ralph Lauren (quite useful for the cold airplanes too!) a top from Zara, and a bikini from Forever 21.

2) Make-up/ Toothbrush/Hairbrush - Make sure to bring all your toiletries and cosmetics bag in your carry-on for any touch-ups on the plane. Also more importantly, in case your check-in bag gets lost, you still have your essentials for the first night and can worry about replacing your other possessions later during the week. P.S. I also have an extra lip balm stashed in my carry-on, since flying severely dries out my lips and there is nothing worse than being trapped in an aircraft for hours with nothing to soothe my chapped lips.

3) Passport - If you are going somewhere international, you cannot travel anywhere without your passport. Since this is the single, most important item stored in your bag, I suggest placing it in a safe, yet accessible place, such as a small compartment in your pocketbook or carry-on bag. I am an avid lover of cute, but unnecessary things and could not help myself from buying an ostrich stamped passport cover from Kate Spade during one of their many sales.

4) Journal / Books - If you are like me and have trouble with sleeping on airplanes, I recommend bringing something that will keep you busy. In my case, I have decided to take my journal that I use for blogging, so that I can brainstorm any future posts that I would like to do as well as a coloring book for when I am in the mood for something mindless and creative.

**Jess and I are so excited to start our post grad life with visits to Hawaii and Europe for the next three to four weeks and although we will be traveling separately for the majority of our trips, we will meet up in the last week of June to have an epic, one week long, best friend extravaganza. We will continue to have fresh content on the blog 2x a week, however the majority of those posts will be separate from each other, until we meet up in June. We promise that things are about to get much more interesting as summer picks up, so please keep checking back and supporting our blog!

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