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Kauai Travel Diaries - NaPali Coast

The NaPali Coast was the number one excursion on my must-see list for Hawaii and the majority of my planning revolved around seeing the Coast. It was actually after seeing pictures of the sea caves and the coastline on Pinterest did I decide that I will start off my travels with a trip to Hawaii. Hiking the Kalalau Trail and going on a boat tour are the two ways to see the NaPali Coast and I advise you to do both since they are two completely different, yet equally beautiful experiences.

The full Kalalau Trail is over 21 miles long (round trip) and many experienced hikers will camp multiple nights to fully experience it. However, there are shorter, less strenuous trails (0.25 mi, 0.5mi, 2mi) that you can do if you are not feeling up to hiking the whole thing. It took us about 2 hours to hike 4 miles round trip and we were able to see both the views of the coast and Ke’e beach at the 0.5mi mark. I do hope that someday I will be able to come back to Kauai and attempt to do the whole 21 miles.

Since a significant part of the NaPali Coast is inaccessible by land, we booked a sailing tour to see it’s sheer vastness and to fully experience it. During our 5-hour trip, we were fortunate enough to see an abundance of marine life that included spinner dolphins, sea turtles and monk seals. It was such a relaxing journey and is a total must do if you are in Kauai!


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