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Icelandic Adventures: The Golden Circle

Iceland was a unique situation for us since we knew we wouldn’t be able to get around easily without renting a car, especially to the craters and waterfalls, which are up to an hour outside of Reykjavík. We thought it would be worthwhile to book a Golden Circle Tour, which we did through Extreme Iceland. On our second day, we were picked up at our Airbnb, and went on an 8 hour tour that included all the major stops on the Golden Circle (popular path for tourists). I have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our experience, especially since we probably would not have visited half of the places had we not joined the tour. Every stop we made, we had a chance to step out for about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the location and estimate of how long it would take to walk it all and snap a few pictures.

I kept my outfit pretty simple by wearing a sweater over a pair of ripped black jeans. I also layered a pair of leggings under for extra warmth. For the random periods of mist and drizzle, I wore one of my friend’s rain jackets (a must for unpredictable weather, like Iceland’s). I threw on my most comfortable sneakers and I was good to go! Layering clothes is a great idea if you want to keep warm, but don't want to pack a large winter coat if you are going to warmer places after Iceland).

Tips, Tricks, and Fyi's

  • Book a tour in advance so you can plan your transportation accordingly. This also gives you the option to pick and choose which tour best fits with your budget and interests

  • Check the weather carefully and dress appropriately! The day we went on the tour was EXTREMELY windy, and fairly cold (around 45 degrees F), so we wore heavier spring coats, rain jackets, and sneakers since we walked so muc

  • Booking a tour is the way to go if you don't rent a car since public transportation isn’t readily available. However, if you like to be on your own time, renting a car may be worthwhile.

  • Do some research about the places you will visit before hand or confirm what kind of interaction the tour will have with a guide (just drop-off, fully guided, pamphlets/brochures)

  • Enjoy the beauty of Iceland!

Gulfoss Falls

Efstidalur - Icelandic farm

Faxi Waterfall

Geysir Geothermal Area​

Thingvellir National Park


Outfit Details Sweater: Urban Outfitters (similar), Jeans: Zara (similar), Sneakers: Nike (similar)

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