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One Day in Athens

Exploring Athens in one day is a pretty difficult task, given how much there is to see and how rich its history. We stopped by for a full day of exploring the city on our way to Santorini, and had an absolute blast enjoying the (finally) warmer weather and sun. We started off our morning waking up at 4:45am for the sunrise since we wanted to take full advantage of our hostel’s close proximity to the city center and Acropolis. Within a 5 minute walk, we could already see the base of the Parthenon! We climbed to the top of Filopappou Hill (Hill of the Muses) and made it just in time to see the sky change colors while overlooking all of Athens. It was incredible.

I kept my outfit casual with a blue and white two-piece set that fit the vibe I was going for in Greece. Later in the day, I just switched my top to my favorite white crop top and added two gold necklaces. I wore comfortable brown sandals, which were fine for all the walking we did around town! Two-pieces are some of my favorite things to wear because there is no thinking involved. I'd like to thank Taylor Swift for jump starting the trend a few years ago, especially since I still love sporting the matching look during this time of the year.

Tips, Tricks, and FYIs

  • Uber taxi is much cheaper than regular taxis, so use the WiFi at the airport to call one to and from the airport

  • The Acropolis museum is a must in Athens, although we didn’t get a chance to go. However, make time for it and add it to your list

  • Watch the sunset at the top of a rooftop bar or Lycabettus Hill, which we read a lot about before coming. If we didn’t have to rush to the airport, that would have been the #1 spot to see the sun set

  • EAT GREEK FOOD!!! I mean, this one is a no brainer, but the food here is amazing. It’s very meat-heavy, but we were all about trying everything.

Here’s some snapshots of the day!


Our morning consisted of Greek breakfast foods like yogurt topped with strawberries and honey, and traditional French toast. We spent the rest of the day exploring the Acropolis, walking through Syntagma Square, and enjoying conversations and naps at the National Gardens. We ended the day sharing chicken souvlaki and a huge mixed gyro plate, walked through the flea markets, and enjoyed the sunset at a rooftop bar called Couleur Locale, a local hot spot with a spectacular view of the ruins at golden hour.

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