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A Royal Affair at Belvedere Palace

I consider Vienna my second home, and the way I feel when I am here is different and more special than any other place in the world. I didn’t think I would be back so soon after leaving just 6 months ago, but sometimes you have to take an opportunity and run with it. Mel happened to be visiting the city the same week, and luckily, our dates overlapped a bit! It was so incredible to show her around the city I fell in love with, and a place that she had only seen through my lens from pictures and videos for months. It pains me to leave every time, but the days I spend here make me so happy. We will be releasing two more Vienna posts next week, so follow us on our journey in the most livable city in the world! -

Belvedere Palace exudes elegance and romance, and we wanted to emulate its style in our outfits. My ruffled top adds dimension and structure to her look, while the open shoulders makes the outfit more feminine. Since her top is boxy and also a solid color, she pairs it with fitted, patterned cotton shorts. She adds a gold-plated, pink necklace and some lace-up black sandals to accessorize.

Mel’s peach jumpsuit is the perfect outfit complement in both color and style. Complementary colors are always a go-to for us since it’s easy to use opposing colors on the wheel that are “scientifically proven” to look good together (blue/orange, green/red, purple/yellow), or light blue/coral in our case. Mel’s jumpsuit has wide-legged, flared bottoms, which balance out the fitted tube top. Since the outfit is pretty bold itself, it really only needs a few key accessories – simple statement necklace, strappy sandals, and a printed sunhat to complete the look.

Outfit Details

Jess': Top: Zara, Shorts: Zara, Sunglasses: RayBan, Sandals: Zara Mel: Jumpsuit : Forever 21 (similar), Sandals: Dolce Vita

#Austria #Vienna #Travel

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