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Hallstatt & Salzburg Day Trip

One of my favorite and most memorable days during my time in Austria was the day trip I made out to a charming town named Hallstatt and the city of Salzburg. Jess visited Hallstatt herself back in December and after seeing the beautiful pictures she had taken, I knew that a trip to Austria is incomplete without a stop at Hallstatt. Since it takes about five hours to travel from Vienna to Hallstatt by train, I initially thought that I would not have enough time to be able to pay a visit. However, on my last day in Vienna, I convinced my parents to rent a car to make a day trip to both Hallstatt and Salzburg, since we had pretty much seen all there is to see in Vienna. Unfortunately it rained during that day, so I could not explore as much as I had initially wanted to and therefore a return trip to Hallstatt is already on my bucket list for the next time I return to Europe! We were only there for about 2-3 hours and we spent 50 minutes on a boat tour that took us around the lake where we viewed the lovely town from the water. The tour is well worth the money since it gave us the opportunity to see the whole town without having to walk through it completely.

On our way back to Vienna, we took a few hours to visit Salzburg. Since we only had about two hours there, we immediately drove straight to the Mirabell Palace and briskly walked through the center of the town before heading back on the road to catch our flight to Greece later that night. Half a day is definitely not enough time to visit Salzburg since there are so many things I missed out on, so plan accordingly! Although Vienna is the main city that most visitors flock to, I highly, highly recommend taking day trips to the other parts of Austria since the country is just so beautiful. It is worth extending your trip an extra couple of days, so that you can thoroughly explore this country - trust me!


Tips, Tricks, and FYI's

  • Hallstatt is easily 5-10 degrees colder then Vienna, so dress in layers!

  • Rent a car since it gives you the ultimate flexibility and it is pretty inexpensive.

  • Take the boat tour in Hallstatt - it is the best way to see the whole town without having to walk all the way to the end.

  • Stay a couple of nights in Salzburg, it is a pretty big city and it is nice to explore without having a time constraint.

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