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On our 10 day tour of the South of France, we made sure to visit the beautiful, luxurious country of Monaco. Monte Carlo was a 20 minute train ride from Nice, so it was a relatively easy and stress-free trip to get to the city. The minute we stepped off the train, we were welcomed with an endless view of yachts, shops, and of course, casinos! Similar to the other cities we visited in France, we spent the majority of our time getting "wanderlost" and daydreaming about life here as a local. Of course, a trip to Monte Carlo is incomplete without a visit to the Casino de Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, there were no cameras allowed inside the casino, so we could not document our time in there. Since we are not big gamblers, we did not stay at the Casino for long and instead, spent a good hour walking along the Monte Carlo Pavilion where many of the high-end shops are located. Our last and favorite thing we did during our day trip was our visit to the Prince's Palace. There are buses available that take you straight up to the Palace, but since we are avid walkers, we chose to hike up instead. The Palace offers the most breathtaking views over the city of Monte Carlo and we probably spent a good 45 minutes walking and re-walking the scenic lookout area to soak it all in.

As we expected, the residents and the tourists here were both dressed to the nines with preppy polos and chinos for the guys and summery, white (usually) dresses for the gals. We both opted for similar floral printed, flirty dresses with low-cut necklines that brought a hint of sexiness to our feminine outfits. The chiffon material kept us cool from the 90 degree, sunny weather, although there were times when we wished we were in our bikinis on the beach instead. Mel finished her look with her delicate bar necklace from Forever 21 and her go-to circular Ray-Ban sunglasses, while Jess skipped her jewelry for the day and instead opted for a jewel encrusted headband.


Mel: Dress - Forever 21 (sold out) (similar), Sunglasses - RayBan

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