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Nice, France

To the Beautiful City of Nice,

You have captured both of our hearts in such a short time, and we were truly saddened by the news of another terrorist attack in France last week. It's unbelievable to think that in today's world, people feel the need to make a message with destructive violence and blatant disregard for another human's life. We have fallen in love with Europe; its people, beauty, food, and culture, and it pains us that the continent continues to face terrorism every day. We can only hope to keep spreading love in times like this, and to keep appreciating the beauty that surrounds us.

We visited Nice not too long before the attacks, and had the most wonderful time exploring the city. Here's a few of the highlights we want to share with you!

Beautiful rocky, beaches There's nothing more rewarding than an early morning or late night run than catching the sunrise and sunset over the beautiful rocky beaches of Nice. The water is calm, the flood of tourists are now gone, and you are left with your own thoughts and the rainbow sky. If you're into the more romantic experience, grab a baguette, jam, and cheese and head over to the beach with a towel and bottle of wine. The weather here is pretty much a beach-lover's dream, so grab a towel and soak in the rays during the day, too!

Castle Hill Viewpoint If you really want to see the classic postcard view of Nice, you must make your way up to the old castle for a view that you will never forget. We recommend going early in the morning or evening, when the sun isn't as strong and the view isn't as hazy. Our tip: take an hour and enjoy the view of the benches!

Place Massena It's pretty difficult to miss this beautiful pink "square" in town since it's right at the very end of Jean Medecin Street, and is a gateway to the beach. The fountain, Fontaine du Soleil, is grand and gorgeous, and the bright pink backdrop is a scenic view that should not to be missed (especially at sunrise, when the sky behind it is pretty unreal). We decided to shoot our outfits here, since we loved the contrast of our navy striped pieces against the bright pink of the buildings.

Marche Aux Fleurs Market This flower and food market is just a street in from the beach, and there are dozens of vendors selling everything from fresh bread to bouquets of the most beautiful and colorful flowers. Walk around and sample tapenades on bread and salami, and then make your way to Chez Teresa for a savory socca treat that will liven your taste buds. This chick pea flour, flat pancake is served in cut pieces wrapped in parchment paper. It's sprinkled with pepper, and trust us, you don't want to miss it. Socca is a traditional French street food that you can find all over the old town.

Jean Medecin Street

Shopping? Check! You can find pretty much every store lined on this main street. From popular chains like H&M to Zara, to small boutiques with unique treasures, you can spend hours browsing before you make it from train station to beach (or vice versa). It's a pretty dangerous place if you ask us, but just keep your wallet tight, and maybe you'll get out alive without being broke after shopping! (haha) Eat!!!!! Fenocchio Ice Cream - This place is an institution here in the old city. Fenocchio does it right by offering a huge variety of artisinal ice cream flavors that range from the classics, to the unique (lavender or cactus, anyone?). The menu says you can get anywhere from 1 to 15 scoops ... so why not? There are two spots in town, one of which is in a busy square, and another on the corner of a more quiet part of the old town. If you can last the walk to the beach without your ice cream melting, you can enjoy your scoops on the boardwalk or beach!

Le Chouchas - Fondue

You can never really leave France without trying some kind of fondue (cheese, chocolate, etc.) We headed to Le Chouchas for a delicious fondues of duck with frites (fries), cheese, and chocolate. It's quite a lengthy process, but one to be enjoyed slowly. They offer a bunch of set menu options and combinations at different prices, so you can order according to how hungry you are.

Croissants, pastries, quiches, crêpes

There's nothing more exciting to us then waking up every morning here since we have coffee to drink and croissants to devour. Head to any local Boulangerie (Bakery) or Patisserie (Pastry shop), and enjoy all the deliciousness. We love our chocolate croissants, lorraine quiches, and fruit tarts, so let's just say we ate until our hearts were content.

Vieille ville (Old Town)

I would have to agree with many that the Old Town is indeed the most beautiful part of Nice. We loved getting lost in small alleys and smelling delicious food from the dozens of restaurants sprawled around. It's pretty difficult to navigate on a phone map, so just roam around freely and enjoy not knowing where you are going. The town isn't very big, so eventually you will find yourself walking down the same streets until you can guide yourself back in the direction you want to go.

And that is a wrap for Nice. We continue to pray for this city, and our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the tragedy. What a beautiful place that everyone should visit in their lives. We will miss it dearly.


Outfit Details

Jess: Outfit 1: Bodysuit - Zara (sold out) (similar), Maxi Skirt - Forever 21 (similar) Outfit 2: Bodysuit - Same as above, Skirt - Francesca's (similar), Sandals - DSW, Lariat Necklace -Forever 21 (similar)

Mel: Outfit 1: Kimono: Forever21 (similar), Lace Top:Forever 21 (similar), Shorts: H&M

Outfit 2: Dress: Forever 21 (similar) , Sandals: Forever 21 (similar)

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