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Wanderlust '16 Scrapbook

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend, wherever you are in the world. If you have been following Penny & Dash, then you would probably know that I've been traveling quite a bit throughout Europe for the past couple of weeks (some of which of course, were with Mel). I get lost when I wander, and ironically, these are the times when I have the most clarity. But no matter how far I go and how long I leave, part of me misses home, even if its just a little.

The best part about coming back, besides having all of my clothes in one place again, is the chance to relive memories through souvenirs I've picked up or the many photos I've taken of places and with friends. I love saving ticket stubs, boarding passes, flyers, and pamphlets because that means I get to create something eternal when I get home! I've had a love for scrapbooking ever since I picked up my first pack of scrapbook paper from Michael's back in high school for an interior design project. Some of my favorite days are the days when I spend hours upon hours on my bedroom floor with stickers, and scrap paper covering every inch of rug. I have gone through countless glue guns and hundreds of glue sticks over the years, but it's something that keeps me sane so I'll keep doing it as long as it is still fun for me :)

Thank you to all my fabulous friends that I got to travel and hang out with this summer (and xoxo for helping me take some amazing photos for this blog!!) Every page I made, I wish I was back in that place with all of you guys. I wish I could have fit more pictures since I picked like 2% out of the ones that were taken...No one's seen any of this yet, not even Mel, so I'm really excited for this post!!

Also, in case anyone was wondering about how long this took me, I spent about 2 weeks and probably around 50+ hours. I also burned my thumb at the 80% mark (I'm still waiting to see part of my fingerprint again...)

P.S. If you are interested in taking a look at my 2015 Scrapbook when I studied abroad, click here!

Enjoy, and thank you SO much for visiting!



I decided to make a graduation page, and wish I could have fit many more pictures with people who have influenced me greatly in college. I made this page holding back some tears because it's kind of hard to believe that it's over. I love you guys <3

I am incredibly grateful that my time spent in Europe was a fun and safe experience, despite the chaos happening around the world right now. Multiple tragedies occurred while I was traveling, and it broke my heart to wake up everyday to read the terrible news. I'm wishing for peace everyday <3

Thank you so much for checking this post out! I would love any comments or feedback on what you think and which is your favorite page! Watch out for Mel's London post on Thursday and our return to the Big Apple soon :)

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