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Tommy x Gigi

Tommy x Gigi was probably one of the most anticipated and talked about fashion shows this season, thanks to the superstar power of model Gigi Hadid. The show was set on Pier 16 in NYC on Friday, September 9th and it seemed that everyone who was anyone went - celebrities, top bloggers, models etc. Fortunately for us, the carnival was opened to the public on Saturday and we stopped by for a few hours. The carnival offered a few rides, games, food, and even included 2-3 pop up shops where you were able to actually buy the collection right then and there! Take a look at some of the highlights below and keep scrolling down for some of our top picks from the collection :)

Check out a few of our favorite items from the collection!

1. Roll Neck Sweater Gigi Hadid - $225.00

2. Leather Boot Gigi Hadid - $185.00

3. Cotton Jumpsuit Gigi Hadid - $250.00

4. Leather Skirt Gigi Hadid - $350.00

5. Nylon Bomber Gigi Hadid - $250.00

Let us know your top favorites from the collection in the comments below!


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