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New Season, New Hair!

Hair to me has always been a form of expression, almost as much as personal style and fashion. I actually really enjoy my morning routine when I get to style my hair to reflect my mood or coordinate it with what I plan to do for the day (buns for lazy days, braids for busy days, and curls for glam days). Of course, there are those times (more often than not), when I just choose to throw it up in a top knot and wish I just didn't have any hair to have to deal with it at all. But what I did notice is that when I take the few extra minutes in the morning to do something to my hair, it helps me feel more pumped and confident for the day.

If you've been following this blog or the Penny & Dash Instagram from the beginning, then you may have already seen my first post (read here), when I had my hair dyed a gorgeous rose gold color for Spring. The pinky hue faded pretty quickly, but I was left with a really pretty blonde ombre for the rest of the summer. It was pretty low maintenance, especially with all of the traveling I did the past couple of months, and I really enjoyed the locks!

The reason why I decided to go to the salon again was for a bit of color correction since the blonde was fading and my hair was becoming a bit brassy. I wanted a more natural fade and transition for my ombre, and Effie Lei from Hair Philosophy, totally transformed my hair into exactly what I was looking for. She really took the time to get to know the history of my hair and we talked extensively about what I wanted the results to be. She explained everything so thoroughly and she is incredibly knowledgeable in her craft. I highly, highly recommend booking her for coloring services.

Tip: Be prepared with pictures on your phone and an idea of what color, cut, and style you want to leave with. The important thing is to also be open minded and to listen to the suggestions and knowledge of the professional you're working with. Take the time to talk through the process so you don't leave disappointed and broke :)

Here are some pictures of the dramatic transformation of my hair!



Thanks for checking this post out guys! Leave any comments or ask an questions if you wish below :)

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