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Satin and Silk Chic

Before it is time to finally store away our shorts for the winter (some may argue that time has already come and gone), we wanted to write a post on some of our style secrets for textured shorts - specifically satin and silk.

Jess: Truth be told, I don't own much silk in my wardrobe! Granted these shorts are not real silk, but they look and feel just like it. The best part? They are super comfy and I can even wear them to bed or for a night out because they are just so versatile. The rich jewel-toned green is the perfect color for this Fall, and the lace detailing adds that extra touch. This delicate, floral top is actually also a silky material, and I toughen up the soft look with a leather jacket from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to make it look a bit less like I'm just rolling into or out of bed. The pop of maroon from my shoes adds some more color to this feminine-biker chic outfit!

Mel: 90% of the shorts I own are blue denim, white denim, and black you see the pattern here? To change things up and add a pair of shorts to my collection that are actually not denim, I bought these beautiful understated satin shorts from Urban Outfitters. I found styling textured shorts, whether it be lace, silk, or in this case satin quite difficult since there are more limitations than wearing your average blue jeans. Of course, where there is more risk, there lies more reward. And in the case of satin shorts, they can really bring the ensemble to the next level...when styled correctly, of course. For my look, I definitely went out of my element and played around with color, print and texture, yet the end result was 1 cohesive look when pieced all together ( least I hope so). When there is A LOT going on in an outfit similar to mine, I recommend sticking with neutrals so no solo piece will be "fighting" for the attention. I wore a striped shirt that was in a similar color family as my shorts and added more dimension to my ensemble by layering on a blush colored duster vest. A statement necklace and my new pair of metallic tasseled heels were all I needed to complete this outfit!

We wanted to share a couple of our favorite satin and silk picks for this season, so keep scrolling to the bottom for some GORGEOUS pieces that will give you serious inspo!

Thank you always for reading our blog and let us know in the comments how you would style textured shorts :)

Love Always,

Jessica & Melissa


Check out / Shop some of our Favorite Silk & Satin pieces of Autumn!


1. Asos - $89

2. Bloomingdale's - $195

3. Asos - $73


4. Urban Outfitters (Kimchi Blue) - $54

5. Polo Ralph Lauren - $63.99


6. Nasty Gal - $59

7. (Jane's Pirate Booty) - $61


8. Nasty Gal - $88

9. Express - $198


Outfit Details

Jess: Top - Zara (similar print), Jacket - Nordstrom, Shoes - Asos (similar), Shorts - H&M, Necklace - Banana Republic

Mel: Top - J-Crew (similar), Vest - River Island (similar), Shoes - Banana Republic (similar), Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Necklace - Banana Republic (similar)

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