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Tips, Tricks & FYI's: The Art of Layering

Since the weather in New York and the surrounding states here on the East Coast has been bi-polar to say the least (seriously, it's 40 degrees one day and 70 degrees the next), we took full advantage of our opportunity to layer before being in full-blown sweater-weather season for the next 5 months. Layering is one of our favorite ways to transition our summer attire into our Fall capsule wardrobe, and we honestly view it as an art, since it can be quite easy to get carried away with it. It's all too easy to end up looking a little too much on the frumpy side than trendy.

Turtlenecks will be your best friend (Mel): Lately, I have rediscovered my love for turtlenecks since they not only keep you nice and toasty during the winter months, but are also great pieces to use when layering under any top or dress. Do keep in mind the texture and thickness of the turtleneck, since while we all love a cozy blanket-like one, simple and thin tops are better for layering to avoid that frumpy, bag-lady look. For some reason, turtlenecks bring me back to the Audrey Hepburn era and add an element of sophistication, so I suggest stocking up on some basic colors - black, white, burgundy (H&M and Forever 21 are my go-to budget friendly stores for the basics). For my outfit, I wore a mock turtleneck bodysuit under an off-the-shoulder top that I have been obsessed with all summer (see it worn in France here). The turtleneck added a bit of dimension to my overall look, and because it was sleeveless, I was still able to bare my shoulders for what will probably be the last time before spring 2017 rolls around.

Incorporate colors and patterns (Mel): Although mixing colors and patterns within an outfit can be risky (there were times when I was a walking #fashionfail), doing it right can really elevate a street style look to something more editorial. Layering only offers more opportunities to play with the different elements since you will be wearing more items of clothing! My key advice is to always stick with neutral, complementary toned colors or colors of the same family, similar to what Jess is wearing, and choose patterns that will create a unified look when pieced together. My mustard turtleneck added a pop of color from my overall blue-hued ensemble, but because it is a muted and Fall appropriate shade, it did not overwhelm my outfit. The poplin top already had a vertical stripes running through it, so I kept that in mind and continued the patterns by choosing a layering top that had vertical striped imprinted as well. However, I would love to see this top styled with a bold, floral printed shirt underneath to make the look more jaw-dropping and surprising!

Layer with analogous colors (Jess): As seen on Penny & Dash before, monochromatic outfits are some of my favorites because they're so easy and such a no-brainer when it comes to choosing an outfit in the morning. I've been gravitating toward a lot of blues and pinks this year (check out my outfit from Venice in this post here) since I think the colors really complement my skin tone, especially when I have a good tan going on. This outfit showcases how a very summery romper (worn in Central Park post here) can be incorporated into a Fall-friendly look with a long-sleeved crop top worn underneath and a trendy jacket thrown over that matches the peplum of the romper. Colder weather also means cute accessories and hats, and my navy beanie happened to match the romper perfectly too! This outfit is very much for that weird, indecisive weather, but a pair of tights can also transition this look well into the cooler months ahead.

You probably already have all the individual pieces to create a unique and stylish layered look this season, so pull out those summer clothes and do some mixing and matching with warmer items to see what fun and creative outfits you can come up with! Leave us your comments and suggestions below since we would love to hear from you guys! :)

Love Always,

Jessica & Melissa


Location: TriBeCa, NYC Outfit Details

Jess: Peplum Romper - Zara (sold out), Crop Top - Forever 21, Beanie - Forever 21 (similar), Jacket - H&M (similar), Necklace - BaubleBar (similar), Flats - Material Girl

Mel: Poplin Top - Zara, Mock Turtleneck Bodysuit - Lord & Taylor, Bomber Jacket - TopShop , Jeans - Zara, Flats - Lucky Brand

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