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Black Friday Deals & Steals

With Turkey day just around the corner, the return of our favorite unofficial holiday is also coming up soon - Black Friday! Honestly, we don't really need anymore clothes and shoes, but who can give up the opportunity to shop on one of best days to score a sweet deal or two? Since we will be spending the majority of this upcoming weekend hanging out with family and heading to the shops, we figured it would be fun to share a few stores we will be popping into and some of our best tips, tricks, and FIY's to conquer this crazy shopping spree.

Tips, Tricks, and FYI's

- Do your research: The majority of the stores will be offering black Friday deals, but some stores do offer greater discounts than others, so be sure to google the specials online before Friday (most deals are announced already), so that you can prioritize and hit up those worthy stores first when you are fresh and energized! Check out Glamour's more complete list of the hottest Black Friday deals.

- Clean/Organize your closet: If you are anything like us, your closet is probably bulging already and you do not technically need any more clothes. We recommend going through your closet and cleaning it out, so that not only can you get rid of any over-worn, unwanted items, but it also allows you to refresh your memory of the clothes you already own, avoiding a situation of spending money on something similar to what you already have.

- Make a wishlist: To keep ourselves from going too crazy and spending every dollar we have, we always make a wishlist before heading out the door on Black Friday. This allows you to keep yourself in check for the things you are actually looking for, instead of buying a million of other items just because you score a great deal on them. Also, this will force you to hunt for the things you actually want and need, instead of getting lost in all of the craziness. Remember, like everything else in life, have a goal and stick to it!

- Set a budget: This goes hand and hand with our last tip, but always make sure you give yourself a budget for shopping and STICK TO IT. It's way too easy for this day to get out of hand and your bank account may very well end up in the red if you're not careful. If you have a tough time with holding back from swiping your card from all the excitement and adrenaline of the deals, leave those cards at home and bring cash only.

- Be Patient: Black Friday will be a very tiring day, filled with long lines and clothes strewn across the stores, as the sale associates struggle to keep up with the customers. There is honestly nothing much you can do to avoid this situation, so set your expectations and try to be patient throughout the day. Bring some snacks in your purse to hold you over while waiting on those lines, and you will be glad you did!

We've picked out some of our top favorite stores to shop from and made a few wishlists for the upcoming winter season :) Check them out below!

Club Monaco: 25% off of $150+, 30% off of 250+, 35% off of 400% - Sweater Weather

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Banana Republic: 50% off any five regular priced items. Use code "BRFIVE" when shopping online! - The Working Woman

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Zara: 30% off EVERYTHING - Girls' Night Out

Bauble Bar:15% off 2 items with code FRIDAY15, 25% off 3 items with code FRIDAY25, 35% off 4+ items with code FRIDAY35 - Holiday Bling

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Happy shopping everyone! Let us know what is on your wishlist this Black Friday in the comments below :)

Love Always,

Jessica & Melissa

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