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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Our first and longest list in this gift guide is for the ladies in your life - sisters, cousins, best friends, girlfriends... we know they're not easy to shop for! We chose these items based on what we would personally choose for our friends and for ourselves too! The best part is that a ton of these items are the perfect stocking stuffers :)


The boys in our lives are relatively low maintenance and don't need the fancy things in life, but this time of the year may be the perfect excuse to go and purchase those items that our brothers, guy pals, and boyfriend may not get for themselves. Our list consists of pretty practical items that fit a variety of tastes and personalities, including the young professional and the athlete.


Mamas always deserve a little extra love for all they put up with during the year, and our top picks for our "Mom List" this year includes a pretty mix of classic favorites, including winter candles and cozy slippers to luxury beauty goodies like skin care sets and pretty polish!


Getting gifts for dads are so tricky sometimes, and we've noticed over the years that gifting techy and nifty things is the best way to go. Combining these gadgets with some practical items will surely be a great holiday bundle for the hard-working dads out there. In our list, we cover everything from the useful every day, winter gear, to the necessary but fun toys and novelties that will made an dad giddy and feel like a kid again!


Gifting in the corporate world can sometimes be a tricky thing to deal with, though small gestures and holiday gifts to your client, boss, or co-workers can go a long way. Perhaps you have an inside joke with someone at work and see something at the store that reminds you of them, or maybe you noticed throughout the year that they loved snacking on something in particular. A small gift this season is a great way to end the year on a high note before departing for the Christmas and New Years' break. If you happen to be going on vacation during this time, perhaps a small trinket or souvenir would be more appropriate!


The holidays for us are never really about the gifts, but always more about the spirit and fun of getting together with family and friends to share memories and create new ones. However, a gift or two to the ones you love could never hurt, so spread the holiday cheer everyone! Always remember this season is not always spent in bliss for many, and there are so many people out there that could use our help in the world. Please check out some of the organizations we fully support to help those who could use a little extra love.

Love Always,

Jessica & Melissa

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