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Our Guilty Pleasures

We admit that we are definitely a quirky mix of all things random, but we think it's totally a result of the diverse environments and people we've been exposed to in our lives. Our "inner weird" truly comes out with those we are closest to and feel very comfortable around, and luckily, that side has been seen by only a handful of people! However, now that we've been blogging for a little over 6 months, we want to make a conscious effort to delve a little deeper and showcase a bit more of ourselves and personalities, along with continuing to create content around fashion, career tips, and travel plans.


1. Binge watching reality TV shows - I am a lover of all television shows and definitely do not discriminate when it comes to liking different genres of shows (thrillers, comedies, etc). That being said, my top favorite and sadly, the most watched genre, is definitely reality television. Honestly, I am probably watching a minimum of 1-2 reality shows each season - Real Housewives of NJ, Bachelor, Keeping up with the Kardashians are a few of my favorites and although I know that while I should dedicate that time into reading instead, I seem to never be able to break out of this habit. For me, reality shows are the best way to unwind after a mind numbing day at the office since I can easily leave it on in the background while I browse the internet or edit pictures for the blog.

2. Putting ice cream in my morning smoothie - Ever since I got a NutriBullet from my boyfriend's mom, I have been absolutely obsessed with starting the day off with a smoothie. Now on most days, my smoothies are relatively healthy - milk, vanilla yogurt and mixed berries or sometimes even a green smoothie (those are definitely not as tasty as the fruity ones though..) However, on the days where I need to have an extra boost to start off my day, or a "treat myself" moment, I will actually replace the vanilla yogurt with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and essentially have a strawberries and creme milkshake for breakfast. Since I do not nearly hit the gym enough to be able to do this on most mornings, it is for sure a guilty pleasure of mine and one that I enjoy very much.

3. Browsing the stationary section of Barnes & Noble: Recently I have discovered the trend that is bullet journaling and have been absolutely obsessed with starting one myself. Since I am an avid believer of having the right tools in whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, I have been keeping my eye out for the perfect journal, which means constantly re-visiting any store that offers plenty of notebook options. Fortunately for me, Barnes & Noble is only a few blocks down from my apartment, so I often stop by on my way home from work. If any of you guys have any tips for the best type of notebook for bullet journaling, please leave me a note in the comments!



1. Getting pizza after the gym. This sounds a bit counterintuitive here, but I am a full supporter of the "treat yoself" movement, and there is nothing wrong with feeding your tired and hungry self after a long work out. These days, I find it a bit tough to hit the gym as often given my travels to work, but I still manage to make it there 3-4 times a week. What's better than looking forward to that yummy slice after running and squatting your butt off after a long day of work? Exactly! Sometimes I'll switch between pizza and Vietnamese summer rolls that are down the block, but it really depends on the day and whether I feel like I deserve it.

2. Using my glue gun. I'm honestly a bit embarrassed to reveal how many glue guns I have stashed away at home somewhere, since I have a tendency to misplace them often and end up getting a new one for my urgent crafting needs. (Anyone else have this problem???? Lol) I'm an avid user of glue guns since I think they're the handiest tool for quick fixes, scrapbooking, and literally holding my life together.

3. Cheese & crackers. I think one of the best meals I've ever had in my life was at this tiny little restaurant in Rome with my friend Olivia. We ordered the most glorious and beautiful (yes, beautiful) cheese and charcuterie board along with a few glasses of white wine, and I think I went to cheese heaven that day. Seriously, sometimes I have cravings for Brie and baguette or my favorite blueberry goat cheese from Trader Joe's, and I've definitely spent nights chilling and just eating cheese while watching movies or browsing YouTube. Extra guilty pleasure: doing all of this alone ensures maximum cheese for yourself.

4. Reading the Dating section of "Elite Daily" at night before bed. We all have those go-to apps we browse before bedtime, when we are all cuddled up in our warm blankets in the dark, but don't want to fall asleep quite yet. Sometimes I alternate between Instagram and those short videos on Facebook that always seem to bring me to the next, but one of my favorites is definitely The Elite Daily. I personally love the eclectic mix of articles and topics written on the site, specially in their dating section. I can usually find some crazy stories, surprisingly useful advice, and articles that make me sit there and really ponder about life.

Thank you always for reading and supporting our blog, and we hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of the love we have for random things in life!

Love Always,

Jessica & Melissa

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