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Ich Liebe Dich, Wien (I Love You, Vienna)

To my Beautiful Second Home,

I never thought that coming here would change the way I look at the world, but you have certainly helped me to see everything in a different light. Some may say I'm a bit crazy for coming again for the third time in 15 months, but I am simply addicted to the love and magic of this city. There is a part of me that I left here that I can never take back with me, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continuously come back. Everything here has a memory attached to it, and the nostalgia of Vienna is probably the strongest out of anywhere in the entire world, probably around the same as New York, to be honest. I wrote a mini itinerary for what I did in Prague, but I will let the photos of Vienna do the talking this time with just a few short captions. Every return to this incredible place is less about the sightseeing, and more taking in the beauty that I fell in love with again and again.

I will work on my German for next time...Until then, thanks Wien for an incredible and inspiring start to 2017. I miss you already.

Check out some of the highlights of my trip and top recommendations for a visit to the city!

Explore the 1st District / Inner Stadt

Visit The Hofburg

Take in the Vienna skyline at St. Stephen's Cathedral

Stroll around Rathaus and visit the Christmas markets during the holidays

Shop until you drop!

Stop by Cafe Landtmann for a coffee and afternoon sweet treat

Take a trip outside the city to Parndorf Outlets

Take pictures at Hundertwasserhaus

Relax at the spa at St. Martin Hotel & Spa

Take in the lights by night

Visit Schönbrunn Palace

Love, Jess

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