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Bundled Up in FiDi

In the past 1-2 months, New York has definitely suffered through some arctic blasts, and since we are currently in the coldest months of winter, we do not anticipate storing away our sweaters and Bean boots anytime soon. When the temperature is around 20 degrees coupled with the wind chill, the city often feels like an igloo and all we want to do is stay in our beds and drink hot coco. Unfortunately for us, not only do we have to get our lazy selves out of bed, but we also need to put on something nice to wear since sweats are not accepted in a business casual environment. The key to staying warm during the brisk walks to the subway and back home in the evenings is to layer on the clothes and pair complementary pieces together for a cohesive winter look.

Jess: Most of the time, people ask me how I'm not cold, since I never seem to wear enough during the winter months. I definitely have a pretty deep collection of jackets and coats in my closet, but I tend to gravitate toward wearing the thinner ones more often than I should. My best trick is to layer a fur vest underneath my coats, since it shields my body from extra gusts of wind and also doesn't add too much bulk like another sweater or cardigan would under a jacket. I also bought this cute, asymmetrical skirt at the Zara at Heathrow Airport during my London layover earlier this month, and I love how I can use this piece both in a corporate and casual setting. Add in a beanie, and I'm ready to brave the cold (at least for the short walks between everywhere I need to go, haha).

Mel: I am one of those people who somehow drew the short end of the stick and am always cold - no matter what temperature it actually is outside. Seriously, I am a summer baby and do not seem to adjust too well to the brutal months of winter, even though I've lived on the East coast my whole life. Fortunately for me, my puffy, calf length North Face winter jacket seems to hold me over for the majority of the winter, but on days when NYC feels like how we think Antarctica weather is, I need a little more layering than usual. For this specific outfit, my grey turtleneck served as an extra layer of warmth and the base of my ensemble. Pro tip: always start off with something form-fitting, no matter how thin it may be, since it helps trap in body heat. I then threw over a creme sweater to balance out the darker colors of my bottoms/turtleneck, and added a white blazer and cognac belt to keep my outfit more tailored.

Let us know your best tips and tricks for staying warm in the cold weather!

Love Always,

Jessica & Melissa

Outfit Details

Jess: Coat - H&M, Fur Vest - Target, Skirt - Zara (Sold out, similar), Top - Missguided, Hat - Forever 21 , Shoes - Michael Kors

Mel: Sweater - Gap (similar) (similar), Turtleneck - Zara (similar), Blazer - Zara (similar), Bottoms - Banana Republic, , Shoes - Sam Edleman

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