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Valentine's Day Outfits


I am definitely one who revels in special occasions. After all, there is always something so exciting about picking out the perfect outfit and getting all dolled up for a night out, whether it be with my best girl squad or with that special someone. I have actually been in a serious, long-term relationship for quite some time now and this year, we will be spending our 6th Valentine's Day together. It seems like just yesterday when I was surprised with my first bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day from my boyfriend. I had actually dried out one of the flowers and kept it in a memories box along with all of our cards throughout the years. We definitely are not a couple who goes all out for each other with grand, romantic gestures and instead rather prefer to spend our day together going to a low-key dinner and doing a fun activity (this year, we are considering a macaron baking class). To be honest, while I am fortunate to have been able to spent this holiday with my special someone for a few years now, Valentine's Day never held a lot of meaning to me. It is just another day where I am thankful for having a boyfriend who shows me love and affection every day, even if it is by something so trivial like going out in the rain to buy me some NyQuil when I am sick (although, I do love the chocolate covered strawberries and extra kisses I get on this holiday).

One of the most popular questions Jess and I get from our friends and family after they see our blog is: "Aren't you guys cold wearing that?". The answer to that question is: "Yes, always." Obviously, covering ourselves up with puffy, marsh-mellow like winter jackets would defeat the purpose of this blog, so we have to get creative with our layering. My ideal Valentine's Day outfit would be a slinky dress with some kick-ass heels, but since the temperatures in NYC does not permit that, I added a turtleneck and some tights underneath my dress and swapped out the heels for some weather-appropriate velvet booties. I love how the base of my outfit is dark and neutral, allowing the colors and the rose pattern of my dress to really pop.


I've always been a hopeless romantic, so Valentine's Day is one of those gushy holidays I've always had a soft spot for. In all honesty, I don't believe that one day a year should be the standard of showing our loved ones (be it your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, family, or friends) just how much we care. I do, however, admire the concept that it's an extra special day to sprinkle in a bit more love and gives people an excuse to go out of their way to show someone how much they truly love them. I agree that this day is super commercialized and people in the city will charge an arm and a leg for a dozen roses and a card at Duane Reade (if you get the nice ones from Papyrus), BUT there's nothing sweeter than seeing a row of people standing there by the card shelf (sometimes) cluelessly trying to pick out the perfect card for someone.

The actual days of February 14th have never been to memorable for me, given that when I was in a relationship, he was never around the day of due to a conference in another city. I do remember one Vday where I had an awesome brunch with my roommates and we went to see the first 50 Shades of Grey movie premiere together afterwards. Listening to "Love Me Like You Do" and "I Don't Want to Live Forever" always brings me back to this time in college. For the people out there who are currently not in relationships or seeing someone, celebrating Single Awareness Day to the max or use the excuse to hang out with friends and people yo is a great way to go. Even better, spend that extra money you would have spent on a gift and pamper yourself for a day because hey, you should love yourself before you love anyone else.

Pro Tip:

Given that Valentines Day this year falls on a Tuesday, my advice is to plan out your celebrations way in advance. Book that table for dinner now before all the restaurants fill up, and have a game plan if you are doing anything extra. Many will probably be using the weekend before Feb. 14 for dates and outings, so factor in the possibilities that reservations will probably booked out Feb. 10-12 too.

Wearing red on Valentine's Day is perhaps a bit cliché, but I really think pulling out all the stops with a hot, fiery look on V-Day is totally the way to go! I'm very much a dress kinda gal when it comes to special occasions and celebrations, but I absolutely love the look of a sleek and fitted suit, even for "casual-wear". This true-red suit from LOFT was an unexpected pick for me, only because it is so bold and not a look I normally would opt for. I paired it with a blush, lace bodysuit from Victoria's secret for a hint of sexiness to this otherwise very covered look. A black or hot pink body suit would also pair very well with a this red suit! At one point, we were looking for a hot pink suit, which we also though would be a great color to rock head-to-toe.

We wanted to give a huge shout-out to one of our lovely followers who spotted us on the bridge and stopped to say hi! You totally made our day, XO.

With Extra Love, Jessica & Melissa


Outfit Details

Jess: Blazer - LOFT, Pants - LOFT, Bodysuit - Victoria's Secret, Shoes - Unisa (DSW)

Mel: Dress - Bloomingdale's (similar) (similar), Turtleneck - Zara (similar), Booties - Zara (similar)

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