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Spring Trends: Denim Jackets

During the cold, harsh winter months in New York, if often feels like we will never make it to Spring and days of eternal warmth. After Daylight Savings in November, the whole city somehow seems to hibernate for a bit, and we see everyone make their great return for outdoor brunch on those far-and-few beautiful weekends that mother nature sporadically decides to bless us with. Even though it's always been tough for us to get through the long, endless weeks, we always know that at the end of the day, we will survive and appreciate the sun and endless hours of daylight ahead. This Spring, we are SO ready to rock some new trends for the season, and we've been having such a fun time creating outfits with some new items that are inspired by the runway. We already rocked some patchwork denim and pinstripes in our last Corporate Classics post (check it out here), and we brought the denim party over to the East Village with the Overthrow Boxing Club as the perfect backdrop to our edgy ensembles. Let's face it - denim will probably always be in style, but embroidery and patch detailing have been all the rage for the past few seasons. There are so many trendy styles to choose from, that picking just one is way harder than you would think!

Jess: I will be completely honest here when I say that I actually never liked denim when I was younger because I didn't find the material to be comfortable. It wasn't until high school and college that I really decided to make up for lost time and went a little-denim crazy. I now have everything from a rainbow of jeans and overalls to skirts and jackets, and I love the new denim trends that I am seeing everywhere from runway shows to fashion bloggers on Instagram. I already have a slightly cropped classic denim jacket in my closet already, but I chose an even more cropped piece during my shopping trip this month. I went back and forth between a a few different fits and styles with different embroidery details, but ended up choosing this gorgeous, slightly distressed floral number at Bloomingdale's. I love the cropped fit, and can imagine wearing it with everything from high-waisted shorts and jeans, to flowy dresses in the Spring and Summer. I do think this piece is a bit edgier than my normal, more feminine style, but I stayed true to my roots with the rose embroidery detail on the back. It's definitely a showstopper that will make you do a double-take. I paired the look with a black bralette, and some high waisted leggings with leather detailing. Add some tight, black boots, and I'm ready to kick some butt in this outfit (maybe inside the boxing ring?)!

Mel: Denim and leather jackets have been two staples in my closet for years now. I remember purchasing my very first denim jacket from Forever 21 back when I was in high school, and it surprisingly held up pretty well the past 8 years. That being said, I decided to upgrade and purchased this jacket from Bloomingdale's on my shopping trip with Jess. While I normally am one who is willing to spend a little more to invest in a classic item, I simply could not say no to this head-turning, statement piece. This season, denim is getting its own fresh, new look for the Spring and Summer months with the arrival of drop-hem, step-hem jeans, and embroidery/patches on chambrays, and jackets. While I normally stray away from loud pieces, I love how this jacket is unapologetically in-your-face with its design. I surprised myself by pairing the jacket with blue jeans, creating a denim on denim look. And while I admit that this ensemble is not my typical style, I absolutely love the edgy and badass aura it gives off. To keep the focus on the beautiful patches of the jacket, I kept a simple, white turtleneck tucked under the jacket and slipped on some nude slides with black pom pom detailing to bring a feminine twist to the look.

Keep an eye out for more Spring trend posts in the upcoming month!

Love Always, Jessica & Melissa

Outfit Details

Jess: Jacket - Bloomingdale's, Pants - Nordstrom (similar), Boots - DSW (similar)

Mel: Jacket - Bloomingdale's, Jeans - GAP, crop top - Forever 21 (similar), Shoes - Zara (similar)


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