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What's in My Bag?

My interest in fashion really stemmed from my younger years of binge watching beauty gurus and early lifestyle vloggers on YouTube, and I remember finding so much inspiration from watching these videos throughout the years. One of the earliest YouTube "tag" videos that circulated was "What's in My Bag?", where girls would share what they carried in their everyday purses. I always found these videos interesting just because I can be pretty nosy and curious when it comes to random things like this. Today, I wanted to share with you the essentials I normally have with me when I am going out casually on the weekend or after-work sometimes with my friends!

The Bag

I've never really been one to indulge in expensive hangbags and purses, even though I have a strong appreciation for them and wished I had certain designer pieces to start a collection. I mean, let's be real - I am 23, just started a job, and definitely did not have that kind of disposable income in the past to spend a lot of money on luxury purchases. I splurged on this Padlock Gucci Signature top handle bag on my trip to Vienna this past January, but it definitely was a conscious decision, and one that I budgeted for months in advanced. I will be doing a full review on this bag in the upcoming months, where I will detail my shopping experience, and giving you my personal tips to choose and save up for the best designer purse to fit your need, style, and budget! In the meantime, I am super excited to share with you what I stash away in this beauty on the few days of the week that I get to use it when I am not at work.

A Sturdy Wallet

I've never had a proper, long wallet before this year, and it honestly made my life an unorganized mess. I always preferred having a small card case or mini-wallet that fits a bunch of cards, but they didn't have any individual slots for cash and credit cards. I just liked them because I was able to fit them into smaller bags and crossbody purses I carried, especially for nights out. I decided to invest in a larger zip-wallet this time around because I needed much more space to sort out my credit cards, cash, coins, ID's, and frequent purchaser stamp cards. I splurged on this wallet last-minute on my trip in Vienna because it was significantly cheaper there, and I knew I was going to get a wallet in the near future anyway. I absolutely loved that the Louis Vuitton Monogram Clemence wallet has a variety of colors that you can choose from for the interior and zipper portion of the wallet since it adds a bit of personality to a timeless design. Of course, I chose the one with baby pink detailing, since I was immediately drawn to it. I particularly love the size of this wallet since it is extremely spacious in the interior with lots of compartments and plenty of card slots. It also has a middle zip pouch for coins! For those of you looking for a smaller version of this, I recommend the Zippy Coin Purse (Epi Leather Style) which also has a few slots for essential cards and plenty of space for change. I purchased this for my mom for her birthday during the same shopping trip, and she loves using it! I think investing in a quality wallet is important because it is something practical that you can use and appreciate pretty much every day.

A Stash of Everyday Jewelry

I've always kept a bunch of my favorite dainty and statement rings with me in a small red zip pouch since I often put them on and take them off during my commute to and from work. I think it helps me to keep track of where they all are, and I am less prone to losing small pieces of jewelry when I keep them with me at all times. I always like to keep an extra pair of earrings too, so I can switch what I am wearing (if I even have any on) to fit an occasion that I haven't fully prepared for when I am on-the-go


There is nothing more tragic then reaching into your bag and realizing you forgot your chapstick on a cold winter night when your lips are cracking and in pain (ouch). I always like to keep 1 or 2 with me at all times so I can ensure that I have kissable and moisturized lips at all time. Usually one of them are tinted in case I want to add a bit of color to change up my makeup look for the evening.


There's really not too much to explain here but I tend to forget to wear my contacts a lot (since I am not totally blind without them), and often leave the house without putting them on. Having my glasses with me is an extra safety net when something comes up and I really need 20/20 vision. If you do regularly wear contacts, I recommend keeping a spare case with you with some solution inside. You never know if you will need to take them out during the day.

Extra Concealer/Eyeliner

I always keep an extra little tube of concealer with me in case my makeup falters in some way throughout the day. I don't wear that much foundation or concealer to begin with, but having some with me always calms my nerves a bit in case I might need a bit of touch-up for a long day. I also like to have a small eyeliner pencil with me since I sometimes go out after work without stopping by home to darken my makeup for the evening. Adding some eyeliner around the lower rim of my eyes definitely transforms my makeup for the night.


This is kind of a random tool to have, but trust me when I say that it has come handy on many occasions. From the random eyebrow hair that you just have to pluck to the splinter from the table that got stuck in your palm, you'll be thankful to have a pair with you at all times.

Mini Perfume

Sometimes it really doesn't matter how much deodorant of perfume you spray on in the morning, because by night time, you'll be praying that you still smell decent (especially if you have a date after work). I keep a mini perfume sample that I got from Sephora with me just in case I need an extra spritz for the evening.

As always, thank you so much for reading and supporting our blog! I hope you enjoyed this one, and please let us know in the comments below what your everyday purse essentials are!

Love Always,


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