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Feels Like Home: Chinatown

Jess: A little unknown fact about me is that I actually used to go to Chinatown very often as a kid since my grandparents would take me there all the time after school. Before moving to New Jersey, a lot of my perception of New York was really what I saw from walking down the streets of Mott and Canal, and to this day, walking the same streets is still very nostalgic to me. I find myself in Chinatown at least once a week, either on my way back from work to pick up some fresh fruit, or to grab a quick, cheap, and delicious bite to eat with my grandparents or friends.

I actually spend most of my time in business casual, my PJs, or gym attire, so putting on a casual outfit is actually quite rare for me these days. I tucked in this cute bear printed blouse into a pair of distressed, ripped boyfriend jeans from Zara, and wore one of my favorite coats that I bought back when it started getting cold during my semester abroad last winter. A huge shoutout to my sister for letting me borrow her Mary-Jane pumps! They give me that extra height that I definitely lack (haha). I picked up at this crossbody at Zara while I was in Prague for a fraction of what the lunchbox bags cost from Max Cross, and I think it's the perfect addition to this casual, weekend outfi

Mel: I remember visiting Chinatown every week with my parents and dropping by different grocery shops/stands to pick the freshest vegetables and fruits. It feels a little crazy to see myself heading down to Chinatown every Saturday morning to restock my fridge for the following week. For those of you who have been to Chinatown, you will know that it can be noisy, crowded and simply overwhelming sometimes. Nonetheless, it is one of my favorite parts of the city since it has the best, and most authentic Chinese food and restaurants, and simply reminds me a little of my home and my childhood.

The outfit I am wearing is very typical of my weekend style - laid back and comfortable, which is what I frequently wear walking around the city with my friends or even going grocery shopping (minus the heels of course). This winter has been absolutely brutal and one of the pieces that I have been investing in this season are jumpers. Since I have lived on the East coast my entire life, I do have quite a collection of sweaters piled up in my closet, though I noticed that many of them are starting to pill even though I only wore them a couple of times each year. I picked up this sweater from Madewell, and it's a new piece in my wardrobe that I absolutely adore because it's thicker, more comfortable, and overall of better quality than most of my sweaters from Zara or GAP. Aside from investing in sweaters, I also find myself being drawn to different styles of jeans, and since jeans are getting a new makeover this season, there are just too many options to choose from. I picked up these drop hem flared pair from Zara during my trip to South Africa which perfectly complemented the casual style and cut of my sweater.

Outfit Details

Jess: Blouse - Anthropologie, Jeans - Zara (similar, similar), Jacket - Zara, Box Purse - Zara, Heels - Forever 21 (similar) Mel: Sweater - Madewell (beige - similar), Jeans - Zara (similar), Heels - Tory Burch (similar), Belt - Banana Republic, Bag - Italy (similar)

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