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365 Days of Penny & Dash

The idea of Penny & Dash always ran through both of our minds for a couple of years before we decided to finally make the commitment to put in our love and time into growing what has been one of the funnest project of our lives. One year ago, we decided that it was the right time to pursue creating a lifestyle and fashion blog. Our friendship was at its peak, we were finally going to be in the same city again after spending years apart in college, and our passion for creating something greater had grown substantially and most of all, in unison. Penny & Dash has without a doubt been our greatest labor of love, and the growth we've experienced while creating content here has been nothing short of incredible. From starting our full time jobs as fresh college grads and traveling to new and exciting new places together and separately, to testing our friendship in more ways than one, we've experienced a lot of life this year through Penny & Dash. It's been extremely overwhelming at times, and there have been moments when we questioned whether we should have made this commitment in the first place. But at the end of the day, we always remind each other the reason why we started this journey to begin with, which is to have a creative platform that would be a reflection of our friendship and experiences both together and individually. We've never questioned how much we both care, and one year later, our vision for the future still remains the same and our passion is burning brighter than ever.

Our first few blog posts were shot over 1 long weekend in Washington D.C., and though the weather was rainier and colder than anticipated, we were so excited to finally kick-off the blog after discussing it for over a year and a half. Looking back at the first few posts now, it is a little embarrassing to think that we were once so proud of how the photos and overall quality of the posts turned out. It is so crazy to think that in just 365 days, we have learned an indescribable amount when it comes to creating a blog, from taking the photographs, writing articles, and engaging with readers, to everything in between. P&D was created during one of the most exciting stages of our lives, a time that came with incredible change and many moving parts, and we are so grateful for having readers all across the world follow our journey as two best friends moving to the Big Apple, navigating their careers, exploring the world, and sharing it along the way. It is difficult to think that just 1 year ago, we were filled with nerves and excitement when it came launching our precious joint baby to the world wide web. Though our readers in the first two months were mainly our family and friends, we watched our blog grow slowly but surely as it expanded across the globe. Sharing this journey with thousands of you in 104+ countries has been nothing short of a joyous experience, so thank you so much for your support and love!

We celebrated our 1 year milestone this past weekend the best way we know how - with a Penny & Dash styled picnic. And with that, a shout-out and extra love to our special friend who helped us this weekend. We couldn't have done it without ya! We had an absolute blast reminiscing the early days of the blog while planning some exciting posts we have coming up in the near future. We promise it only gets bigger and better from here on out, and we plan on taking this blog to greater heights and new places (with our trusty tripod, of course!).

Love Always,

Jess & Mel

Outfit Details

Jess: Dress - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - DSW (similar), Sunglasses - Anthropologie Mel: Top - Urban Outfitters, Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Scarf - Madewell, Shoes - Tory Burch, Sunglasses - Ray Ban

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