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Corporate Blues

In anticipation of a new adventure next week, I wanted to give you guys a quick life update and my current real-time thoughts! I've always followed bloggers throughout the years, and honestly, my favorite posts are the ones where they just ramble random thoughts and talk about whatever comes to mind. I definitely plan to do that more often in future posts :)

I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to routine, and while I appreciate having structure in my life and planning my schedule out weeks and sometimes even months in advanced, I also crave spontaneity and going on adventures without any expectations in mind. This past year has been full of ups and downs, and I reflect on it all the time (on trains, long walks, before bed). Hitting our 1-year anniversary of P&D last week had me feeling such a mix of emotions, and it’s incredible to me the growth I’ve personally experienced since leaving the comfort bubble of college and the path that school had always paved.

When I came back from Austria after New Years’, Mel and I would talk every day about our next adventure together (since France was such a blast, and our favorite BFF extravaganza to date). I can hardly believe it’s less than 1 week away, and now I’m stressing out just a bit about all the packing I have to catch up on since I’ve been so busy at work!

I’ve always enjoyed dressing for the office, and no matter how routine it can get, especially during the long winter days,

I still found inspiration for business casual outfits. I’ve looked forward to Spring and Summer all year mostly so I can finally pack away my tights and thicker dress pants, and wear dresses and skirts without so many added layers for warmth. I paired a classic navy pencil skirt with a cobalt and white printed blouse (Melissa and I actually own the exact same shirt, go figure), and added a white blazer since the office can still be a chilly place during the warmer Spring days. When it comes to basic, no-frills pairings like this outfit, I often like to do something to my hair, whether it be a side bun with braid detail or in this case, straight with a floral bandana as a headband. I recently picked up these nude pointed-toe, leather flats from Aldo, which are my new favorite pair of work shoes given how comfortable and versatile they are.

The next few months come with a different routine, more fun in the sun, and excessive amounts of ice cream and rooftop chilling, and we can hardly wait to experience another summer in NYC. Cheers!

Outfit Details

Jess: Top - Express, Skirt - Banana Republic, Blazer - Zara (similar), Flats - Aldo, Watch - Michael Kors (similar)

Mel: Top - Banana Republic (similar), Bottom - Banana Republic, Blazer - H&M (similar), Slides - Anthropologie (similar)


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