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Osaka Castle

Our visit to Osaka was quite short compared to the time we spent in both Kyoto and Tokyo, though we still managed to hit all the hot spots, including Dotonburi for some delicious food, and of course, the famous Osaka Castle. We spent the day walking the grounds of the castle and snapping pictures of the food and the serene landscape. Before heading there, we picked up these adorable turtle shaped buns from a local bakery in Osaka Station and had the most memorable time transporting our delicate turtles to our final location. You probably cannot tell from the pictures, but the turtles were falling apart as each picture was being taken and by the end of the shoot, both of our turtles were nearly limb-less (since we also started nibbling away like the constantly hungry ladies we are). Like all tourist attractions here in Japan, there were rows of food trucks lined up on the grounds of Osaka castle, so we definitely do not recommend coming here on a full stomach. Even though we did have lunch prior to stopping by the castle, we both managed to get our appetites back in full swing for some yummy soft serve ice cream (red bean and black sesame, anyone??) and extra long french fries, which the pigeons were all too happy to attack us for.

Jess: When it came to packing for Japan, I realized my entire suitcase consisted either of floral dresses or PJs for sleeping, so I decided to diversify my looks a bit by grabbing these wide-legged, cropped trousers during our Uniqlo shopping trip back in Ginza, Tokyo. These are probably the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, and I love how I can style them both casually and professionally, since I plan on wearing these a ton in the office this summer. If you're interested in picking up a pair yourself, they also come in white, which of course, Mel purchased on the same day. I tucked in a simple white tank to keep the outfit clean and fresh, but added my studded black flats for a bit of edge. Mel: Now that summer is back in full swing, it is time for me to whip out my crop tops and my high waisted trousers again. I picked up these very comfortable striped pants from Brandy Melville a few months back and styled them with a mustard tank and a denim jacket (check the look here). This time around, I showed a bit more skin with a white crop top that hit the narrowest point of my waist and some blush slides with pom pom detailing. I naturally do not gravitate to midriff baring outfits, but I realized if my belly button is covered, it makes the ensemble less risque and more day appropriate. My looks in Japan have definitely been on the more dressier side with many flowy dresses and heels, so for my day spent in Okasa, I wanted something more laid back and comfortable.

TIP: Some words of wisdom here is to wear long pants when you will be surrounded by trees and lots of nature for an outing - you'll save yourself some nasty bug bites!

Outfit Details

Jess: Top - Zara, Pants - Uniqlo, Shoes - Zara (similar); Necklace - Forever 21 (similar) Mel: Crop Top - Zara (similar), Pants - Brandy Melville; Shoes - Zara

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