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Are You in a Summer Work Slump? Read this!

Considering yesterday was the longest day of the year (Hello, Summer!), we can’t help but reflect on how quickly 2017 is flying by. This time of year is considered a work slump for many, since warmer days (depending on where you live of course), makes for low motivation and vacation day-dreaming, especially if your job involves staying indoors and working in an office setting. Even though we just came back from vacation only a couple weeks ago, we already find ourselves in a state of wanderlust, are definitely looking to plan our next escape soon. However, work doesn’t stop for the summer months of warmth and sun, and killing it in the professional game is equally important at every time of the year. If you’re feeling extra unmotivated this summer, here are some of our best tips, tricks and FYI’s to keep it up at work but also enjoy all that this time of year has to offer! Revisit your New Years’ Resolutions

As we prepare for July and the upcoming holiday weekend, it’s important to reflect on some of the goals we set for ourselves earlier in the year. Whether you had concrete resolutions written down (like we did for NYE), or just mental goals for 2017, now is a great time to reflect on how much you were able to accomplish and what your next steps should be to fulfill your personal short and long term goals. Not only will noting these down help you build a roadmap going forward, but you may also ignite your motivation to get out and complete what you had set out to accomplish in the first place. Personally, I subconsciously knocked out a few of my own resolutions this year, since I signed up for a 5K, ran more regularly throughout the weeks on top of my everyday workload, and also attended a volunteering orientation so I can start contributing more to my community during my free time. Seeing myself check off these things mentally on my list pushes me to continue strong for the rest of the year and beyond! If you don’t remember what your goals were, it’s never too late or early to start figuring out some of these things right now.

Revamp your Summer Wardrobe

Mel and I go through constant phases when it comes to shopping and fashion motivation, with months where we go a bit online-shopping crazy (like when we were prepping or our Japan trip), and other periods when all we want to do is wear the same comfy dress to work every day during the midst of the dark, winter months. I’ve always looked forward to warmer weather so I can break out all of my cute dresses, skirts, and cute blouses, and not have to layer up too much when I head to the office of my client site. Feeling good and comfortable when you’re working is extremely important, and when you’re in a wardrobe slump, our best advice is go out shopping or do some online browsing and pick up some new pieces for work! Adding new pieces to your closet that you love will make a bigger difference than you think when you wake up and have an outfit that you look forward to rocking all day. The best part is that summer sales are starting now, and you can go on a small shopping spree without breaking the bank.

Go on a Summer Trip

Sometimes the best way to get your motivation back is to take a step back, get some R&R and come back to work/school refreshed and ready to check things off your to-do list! I am definitely one who hoards my vacation days and will therefore go 5-6 months without taking a break, so I do find myself feeling lethargic and unmotivated at times (especially on those Friday afternoons). One thing that always helped me cross the finish line (whether it be a deadline at work, or a goal I assigned to myself) was knowing that there was an upcoming trip where I can have the week off to clear my head and enjoy spending time with friends/family. Typically the work load cools off a bit in the summer, and with the extra long weekends (4th of July and Memorial Day) thrown in every few months, there is no excuse to not take some well deserved "me" time. Take advantage of those 3 days weekends and Summer Fridays (if you are lucky) to go on road trips and discover new cities, activities, and local eats! Of course, you can always combine the long weekends with your vacation days if you are feeling adventurous and visit a completely new country as well.

Change up Your Routine

The daily 9-5 is a bit of a grind and you can definitely feel like you are in a rut when you are taking the same hot, stuffy trains to work everyday, eating the familiar, unappetizing PB&J sandwiches for lunch and reviewing lengthy spreadsheets for weeks on end. This is definitely no one's ideal situation and most certainly will not light the fire under anyone's butt to put in those extra hours in the office. While we are limited with what we can change when it comes to work assignments, we do have the freedom to make a few tweaks in our personal lives. Both Jess and I easily get bored and crave for that constant change. However, since spontaneously booking flights to satiate our traveling addiction is unrealistic and not sustainable, we take it upon ourselves to make changes to our routines to bring some excitement and sense of "newness" back to our lives. The next couple of weeks will be quite eventful for my boyfriend and I as we trade in our apartment in Manhattan for a bigger place in Brooklyn. Though I am not crazy about my longer commute to work or the fact that I won't be living in the same borough as my closest friends, I am excited to discover new neighborhoods, decorate the apartment, and find my new go-to ice cream parlor!

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