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Gay Pride Parade & Floral Outfits

NYC just hosted one of the most colorful and beautiful parade of the year, with thousands out to celebrate Gay Pride on June 25th, 2017. This city has, over the years, grown to be such a loving and accepting city, and it's days like these when you can feel the extra love in the air.

The Pride parade should honestly be celebrated by everyone no matter what their sexuality. This parade serves more as a reminder that self-love, respect and acceptance of others should always be a priority in life. No one should have to live being afraid of judgment by society based on who they love and who they are, and we love living in a city that embraces all types of people, and we wanted to dedicate this post to those who also believe in love as we do! "Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you"

Jess: When it comes to hot and humid days in NYC, my go-to outfit always seems to be a romper because it's effortless and doesn't require too much brainpower to try to style on those lazy summer weekend mornings. This floral number is super comfortable and I absolutely love how it fits on my body! I haven't always been into bold prints and colors, but this romper is definitely changing my mind about it. My favorite part is the open back detail, which adds a hint of sexiness while helping with the summer heat at the same time!

Mel: A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by the Mara Hoffman sample sale to pick up a few new things for my summer wardrobe. Sample sales pop up at least 2x a week from various designers, so Jess and I always keep an eye out for the ones we are interested in going. We missed the Reformation sample sale by a week back in March and were completely devastated (at least there is always next year). Aside from scoring great deals on items (60 - 80%) off, sample sales also allow you to find one of a kind pieces that were only samples and never actually made into production. Therefore if you own one of those pieces, odds are very few people own it as well. Prior to the sale, I never owned an item from Mara Hoffman since her prices are quite expensive ($300-500 for a dress) and she is known for her crazy, eclectic prints which never fit my style, since I always leaned to more neutral tones. I did, however, pick up this dress during one of the last days of the sale and immediately fell in love with the cut and the tropical print. It reminds me of the 2 weeks I spent in Hawaii last May and I know it will be the first thing I pack in my suitcase for my next tropical vacation. I love how the keyhole detailing and fitted skirt brings an element of sexiness to the dress, while the length still provides coverage. Despite the very fitted cut, this dress is still pretty comfortable thanks to the breathable fabric, so I cannot wait to rock it all summer long! Outfit Details

Jess: Romper - Urban Outfitters (similar) (similar)

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