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Melissa's Birthday

I recently celebrated my birthday with a few of my closest friends with drinks at Top of the Standard and dinner at Buddakan. Typically, my birthdays are pretty low key and are usually spent grabbing dinner with my boyfriend since it had always been too much work for me to plan something special for myself. However, not only did my birthday land on a Friday this year, but it was also my first birthday spent in Manhattan and I wanted to take advantage of all the rooftop bars and bougie restaurants that the city has to offer! I definitely keep my friends group small, but the ones I have are the absolute best friends a girl can ask for and I am so grateful that many of them live/work in the same city as I do. It was so much fun having all the people I love gather together in one place, meet each other, and celebrate 1 more year of wisdom under my belt! Life has honestly changed so much during my time as a 22 year old, and though it had its stressful moments, I also had the most memorable experiences (traveling to many beautiful countries, working in London for 3 weeks, navigating New York) this year and cannot wait to see this year has in store!

Love Always,


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