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Styling Hot Pink for the Office

This season has all been about the millennial pink. A neutral toned, flirty and feminine color that has spread like wildfire in the blogging community and is always appropriate in every setting - at a wedding, at an office, etc. But what about the times when you want to make a statement, be bold and unapologetic? Summer is the perfect time to rock those daring prints and colors, and there's nothing like sporting some hot pink to the office with a few statement pieces. In the corporate world, hot pink is definitely not a pre-approved color to wear, but why limit your closet to just shades of blue, gray and black when if styled properly, bright colors are definitely as wearable as those neutral shades in an office setting.

Jess: When it comes to business casual, I definitely like to dress with a more neutral color palette since I am client-facing and every day is not always a day to make a bold fashion statement. However, I do love color and am definitely not afraid to rock it at work. I picked up this gorgeous, fuchsia blazer a couple of weeks ago since it caught my eye while I was window shopping. It was definitely an impulse purchase and a color that I definitely do not own many pieces of in my closet. I thought of all the different ways I could style a look with this blazer (casual and corporate) and decided that it was versatile enough for me to get some good use out of it. I paired the jacket with black and white to prevent the outfit from looking a bit too busy with many other colors going on, though the ruffles on my blouse and lace skirt add the perfect amount of texture without taking away from the beauty of the blazer. I would also consider pairing the hot pink with orange, since the two colors are extremely complementary. If the color combo is too bold for you, I'd stick with pairing the hot pink with black and white.

Mel: One of my favorite things to do in the morning, aside from eating my avocado toast is selecting my outfit for the day. Luckily for me, my office is pretty lenient in terms of the dress code and I am able to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow in my daily ensembles. When opting to wear hot pink to work, be sure to select the right article of clothing. A hot pink tight, jersey material pencil skirt may look like you wore your Friday night outfit to work Monday morning no matter how long that skirt actually is. Instead showcase your love for bold colors through a safe, work appropriate piece such as a silk blouse, blazer or in my case, satin long pants. The silky material dresses the bottoms up while the high waist cut elongates one of my favorite features on my body - my legs. While you can stop here, and throw on a black colored top, I added even more color to my look by tucking a neutral teal toned floral body suit into my bottoms. Though I am adding another statement piece to my outfit, the color of my top is a muted shade so it actually tones down the hot pink while drawing attention away from my pants with the floral print. The key to my outfit here is definitely all about balance, and I tied everything together with my staple navy blue pumps.

Love Always,

Jess & Mel

Outfit Details

Jess: Top - Zara (similar), Blazer - Zara (similar), Skirt - Topshop

Mel: Top - Zara (similar) , Pants - Zara (similar)

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