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Building A Capsule Wardrobe

As bloggers, both Jess and I have accumulated a substantial amount of clothes this year as we are constantly trying out new trends and sharing the pieces we love with you guys. That being said, as two twenty something gals surviving in one of the most expensive cities in the world, we are mindful when it comes to our personal finances and do track our shopping budgets since we do not have unlimited funds. Lately, we have been loving the idea of building a seasonal capsule wardrobe to show how it is possible to create many beautiful outfits with a few essential items of clothing on rotation and a few accessories sprinkled in.

Mel: Recently I have been a mad woman cleaning out every aspect of my apartment, especially my wardrobe. I suppose this new found addiction partly grew from being inspired by Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and partly because my boyfriend is no longer as generous when it comes to giving me more then 50% of the shared closet space. Living in a small space really motivates me to declutter and live more of a minimialistic lifestyle and though I do have some hoarding tendencies, I have been taking the initiative of only owning things that bring true happiness to my life. In order to not completely overwhelm myself, I am first focusing on clearing out my closet and in the progress, am curating a wardrobe that will grow with me through the years and can be applied to multiple seasons. When it comes to building my capsule wardrobe, I usually include pieces that fit into the following categories (pop of color, a white dress, layering shirts, denim, a pair of casual shoes, sandals, and sunglasses) to make sure that I am creating a diverse enough collection that would work for every possible occasion.

Look #1 is the dressiest outfit which can be worn for a date night out, a fancy brunch, or a summer party! Since my white dress is a simple A line silhouette, I was able to repurpose it by tucking the dress underneath my bright yellow skirt to add a pop of color for the summer season and tied a pink bandana around my neck to complete this color-blocking ensemble. I actually wore this white dress on its own in Japan (check it out here), and it is amazing to think how with a few changes here and there, you can create a dramatically different outfit using the same article of clothing.

Look #2. Since fall is right around the corner, I created a transition outfit for the upcoming season in this ensemble Again, I used the same white dress styled in Look #1 as the base, and swapped around some accessories and shoes for a more fall appropriate look. Here, I layered a black and white striped mock turtleneck underneath the white dress and went for a more casual footwear with my Adidas Stan Smith's. Of course, I topped everything off with some tiered earrings and a boater hat!

Look #3 is one of those easy, roll out of bed numbers that can be recreated a million and one times with any basic pieces in your closet. While I am a lover of pairing a white Hanes T-shirt and some denim cutoffs, I jazzed things up a bit by tucking the mock turtleneck worn in look #2 underneath some floral embroidered denim high-waisted shorts. I love how the pattern of my striped top and the floral bottoms complement each other and helps elevate this rather simple pairing.

Look #1: Dress - Urban Outfitters (similar), Skirt - Zara (similar), Sunglasses - Raybans

Look #2: Dress - Urban Outfitters (see above), Top - Forever 21 (similar), Sneakers - Adidas

Look #3: Top - Forever 21 (see above), Shorts - A&F (similar), Sneakers - Adidas (see above)


Jess For this capsule wardrobe lookbook, I wanted to showcase 2 items in my closet that I get a ton of use out of throughout the year - my red plaid shirt and my white lace wedges! I had a stage in high school where I had quite an obsession with dress shirts and plaid tops, and I remember my mom being all too excited about my suddenly more "conservative" style choices. I stocked up in a variety of colors and materials (Banana Republic and J.Crew were always my go-to spots), and I still get pretty good use of out them today since they are such versatile pieces in my wardrobe.

Look #1. Lace has always been my favorite fabric to wear, and even Mel can spot a lace top from a mile away and be like "that is so you". I tucked this beautiful blouse into my mini-houndstooth printed wrap skirt, and completed the outfit with some fun, pink tassel earrings and my trusty white wedges. I don't normally wear heels on an everyday basis since my work requires me to wear sneakers these days (don't be too jealous!). That just means I'm extra picky when it comes to wearing heels since I have been so spoiled with being able to wear the most comfy shoes everyday. Wedges are by far my favorite shoes to give me that extra height, and I can walk all through the city with them too once I break certain pairs in. I purchased these white lace wedges for my college graduation and I've worn it dozens of times on the weekends and for many of our blog posts. They are just so versatile and I hope they never break down on me!

Look #2. I wrapped the shirt around my waist with a striped, cotton bodysuit and paired it with denim shorts and lace-up peep-toe booties. This summer look is simple and perfect for running errands around the city in the heat since the lace-up sandals are super comfortable and casual. I like tying a shirt around my waist in case I might need to throw on it when it gets a bit chilly at the grocery store or when I'm waiting to order my morning coffee!

Look #3. I paired the shirt with a the same striped bodysuit and super high-waisted jeans that are also currently my go to bottoms for a night out with a crop top (seriously, my favorite combo of the year). For casual, but cooler summer days as we transition into Fall, I really like having an extra layer on me since I tend to get super cold easily, especially in the evening and in cold restaurants. A plaid shirt can be styled up or down, from an on-the-go errands look, to a nice dinner date.

Have fun with accessories and pairing pieces and you'll find yourself grabbing that shirt or pair of shoes as your go-to piece at least once or twice a week!

Look #1: Top - Zara (similar-white, pink), Skirt - Zara (similar, similar), Wedges - DSW (similar), Tassel Earrings - ASOS (similar)

Look #2: Striped Bodysuit - Zara (similar, similar - long sleeve version), Plaid Shirt - J.Crew (similar, similar, similar), Jean Shorts - Zara (similar), Wedges - DSW

Look #3: Striped Bodysuit - See above, High-waisted jeans - Zara (similar), Wedges - See above

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