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Lazy Day at Praia Do Camilo

After a relaxing morning sleeping in, we headed to O Camilo along the beach for brunch before spending the day lounging on the shore. One of our favorite beaches of the trip was definitely Praia de Camilo because its rock formations in the ocean reminded us a lot of the 12 Apostles by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Unfortunately for us, we stupidly forgot to bring sunscreen (even though we had it in our hotel room!) and couldn't purchase any at the snack stand, so we were left with hiding in the shade while other visitors were bathing in the warm 70 degree sun. The lack of sunscreen, however, did not stop us from exploring the various tunnels and caves on the beach or from dipping our toes in the water (it was way to cold to swim) in our cute matching high-waisted bikinis.

The great thing about visiting a tropical location in October is that most summer clothing, including bathing suits are heavily discounted, so we scored some great deals on these Aerie suits! While the 70's trend have been appearing on runways and on the streets, it is inspiration from the 50's that have been in the spotlight when it comes to swimwear with the re-arrival of the retro style high-waisted bikini bottoms. Not only do these bottoms elongate the legs, but they just so conveniently hide our food babies after our delicious seafood brunch and two glasses of orange juice each. For those who live in the U.S., Black Friday is coming up next week, and there will be plenty of swim suits on sale. Make sure to stock up on some for a warm winter getaway or even for next summer!

After hanging out at Praia do Camilo for a few hours, we headed back to Ponte de Piedede for the second time so we could go on a boat tour of the sea caves. For just 15 Euros, you get a private tour along the beautiful coast, which reminded us both of our time in Kauai. You can find the boats at the bottom of the stairs along the trail (It's pretty difficult to miss) . What a serene and beautiful ride we highly recommend doing!

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