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A Visit to Our Local Christmas Tree Farm

Growing up, we never really had any family traditions of going out to a sprawling Christmas Tree Farm and chopping down a tree for the living room to put to our fireplaces. Just like many other families that don’t want to deal with potential fires or the hassle of having to replace a tree every year, we opted for a faux tree that we’ve reused year after year. Now that we are older and have been living in the city where walking through the streets means making our way through temporary tree shops on the sidewalks, we have really started appreciating having something fresh in the concrete jungle. While we will delay purchasing a real Christmas tree for when we have bigger homes and apartments, we still live visiting our local Christmas tree farms at home to get a taste of the holiday spirit every December. This year, we brought Dasher along for the ride!

Jess: Default winter outfits for me are often sweaters, jeans and a classic jackets, but I wanted to steer away from the usual look and switch things up to keep dressing fun and exciting when there is sometimes 0 motivation during the cold winter months. Sweater dresses have never been my thing since I always was body conscious and was never a fan of body con and mini dresses. Lately I’ve been in such a workout mode and have gotten my body to a point where I feel really comfortable wearing tighter clothes and experimenting with pieces that can be tight and also flattering for my body. An easy pairing for a sweater dress are over-the-knee boots since they cover up your legs and can act as “pants”. Add some extra thick socks under for more warmth! I opted to an all-burgundy outfit and topped off the look with a statement red jacket that is perfect for the holiday season. I love the classic shape of the coat and the ruffled, flared sleeves that are definitely double-take worthy.

Mel: While I am not a friend of the sub zero temperatures and heavy wind chill, I do love dressing for the season where I can bundle up in fair isle sweaters, colorful jackets and some cozy and warm winter accessories! Lately I have been obsessed with these teddy and faux fur coats and picked up this pink one at Primark for $25! I love the cropped fit of the coat as I have learned from past wardrobe mistakes that wearing an oversized faux fur jacket on my petite frame can make me look more like Big Foot then a stylish New Yorker. To keep my ensemble from looking a little too over the top, I kept the focus on my jacket with a pair of basic black denim. I have also been focused on building a stunning shoe collection this year as I had noticed sporting the wrong footwear can ruin your entire look. I immediately fell in love with these silver star studded boots designed by We Wore What blogger, Danielle Bernstein. Though the design of this shoe is definitely a statement item, the classic pointy toe shape and ankle cut makes these boots surprisingly very wearable!

Outfit Details

Jess: Jacket - Zara (similar), Sweater Dress - Forever 21, Boots - Aldo Mel: Jacket - Primark (similar), Jeans - Forever21, Shoes - Bloomingdale's (similar)

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