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Frozen in Brooklyn

If you live on the East coast, then you probably understand the severity of our bipolar weather. I've been in so many cities this past year that I am constantly adding and deleting pages from my weather app to even keep track of what my day is going to look like. To be honest, sometimes I'll just walk out the door and have mother nature surprise me instead - gotta keep life interesting! I've been flying back and forth between Raleigh, North Carolina and NYC for the past couple of weeks, and it's been refreshing since we've had consistently sunny days and 60-70 degree weather. Sometimes I even have to change at the airport into something warmer before I get back to the city so I don't freeze when I walk outside to catch a taxi or my Uber.

Confession: I have not owned an umbrella since I lost mine back in July. How have I survived? Not quite sure...

It actually snowed not too long ago over a Friday night, and freshly snowed NYC is incredibly beautiful (before it gets gross a few hours later). My Saturday outing started with a visit to Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 2, which is one of the most beautiful places in New York that I highly recommend making a trip to. I come to Brooklyn Bridge Park a lot, especially in summer when friends come into town and want to see some Insta-worthy places. It never disappoints!

This day in particular was FREEZING cold and I wore plenty of layers to keep myself warm. I've had this cream turtleneck sweater forever and it is always my go-to winter item. For this day, I went with a denim on denim look, with a statement jean jacket and embellished jeans, channeling my inner Britney and Justin. I've always been gravitated toward simple pieces with a twist, and the ribbon detailing on this jacket and decorative jean cuffs are great ways to incorporate some fun into classic pieces. I think I was having a pretty good hair day, but I like to add a hat for maximum coziness anyways. After all, it's not only for covering up bed head haha.

Outfit Details Sweater - Zara (similar - Madewell), Jacket - Zara (similar - Nasty Gal; Haute Rogue), Bag - Gucci Signature Top Handle, Hat - Nordstrom Rack (same style - Urban Outfitters), Shoes - Aldo

#CasualClassics #Fashion

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