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Spring Trends: Asymmetrical Tops

Weekends in NYC always seem to be a countdown throughout the week, and while there are some fun and bustling plans every once in a while, I love nothing more than lounging around, hitting the gym and exploring the city at my own pace. While the temperatures temporarily peaked at the end of February, causing everyone to ditch their jackets and break out their dusty sandals, that tease of Spring was simply fleeting. Now I'm already back to sporting my Canada Goose jacket and walking around like an Eskimo again. But that doesn't mean it's not coming soon!

With Spring right around the corner, I wanted to focus my attention to my favorite Spring trends I've seen while loosely following fashion month on social media. The second of this season's trend series is all about asymmetrical tops, which I am a huge fan of simply because it makes picking an outfit so much easier since these tops are usually statement pieces on their own. I'm definitely obsessed with the Self Portrait Ruffle Asymmetrical Plumetis Top, which the lovely Aimee Song has sported time and time again, but at over $400 a pop, I don't think I'm quite there to drop that kind of dough on a shirt! Luckily, there are a ton of affordable options, and this one is the best steal there is at $29 on Revolve. I love this top so much I've worn it a handful of times already and I just got it 3 weeks ago. It's always just a great go-to when you want something dressy but don't want to think too much about what to wear.

I'm sharing just a few of my favorite tops with asymmetrical necklines and they're all under $100! These are all totally my style and most easily paired with a pair of jeans, but I could easily see myself styling them with a simply skirt as well.

Happy Shopping everyone!

4) Parker Carly Asymmetric Stripe Top - Bloomingdale's


I threw in an ice cream photo here too because it can always be enjoyed during every season. Make sure to check out Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream next time you're in the city. They have the coolest and yummiest flavors in town.


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