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Spring Trends: Lavender Love and a Visit to the Coffee & Tea Festival in Williamsburg

From lavender tea to lavender clothes, I really can't get enough of it this season! I visited the breathtaking lavender fields in Provence, France just short of two years ago, and sometimes when I walk through Union Square market and pass by the flower market stalls, it brings me back to warmer days frolicking in the vast fields in the Europe countryside. I was actually pretty excited to see head-to-toe lavender on the runways this Spring, so I decided to try out the trend for myself. Though I wore this outfit on the weekend to the Coffee and Tea Festival at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Williamsburg, I would actually classify my look as business casual attire. I could totally see myself rocking it at the office, especially since the dress pants give the look a more formal vibe. I threw on my favorite denim jacket at the moment, which is a statement star piece I picked up from the Bloomingdale's Friends & Family sale not too long ago. For the office, I would opt for a white blazer or just no jacket at all!

I think it's easy to steer clear of wearing one color from head to toe (unless it's black), but it was surprisingly easier to pull off than I thought it would be. In fact, I think it's kind of a no brainer when it comes to picking out a work outfit in the morning if you just go fully monochromatic! I promise you'll be seeing lavender in all the stores now if you haven't already for Spring 2018, so go out and get yourself some lavender pieces!

On a side note, I absolutely loved the Coffee and Tea Festival in Williamsburg held at the Brooklyn Expo Center. There were dozens of vendors showcasing everything from matcha and chai tea to coffee ice cream, and my personal favorite, kombucha! I loved sampling my way through the entire venue, and ended up picking up some goodies for home! Blake picked up a 4-pack of Cascara tea called Caskai, which I used to model for this shoot. Cascara, for those of you who may not know, is the dried husk of the coffee fruit. This tea is super delicious and totally refreshing and we highly recommend you try it next time you spot it at your local grocery store!

Outfit Details: Top - Express |Bottoms - Banana Republic | Shoes - Nordstrom Rack

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