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D.C. & Baltimore Weekend

This past weekend was a World Cup frenzy, but I spent more of my energy and time toward hanging out with my friends and eating crabs than I did hyping myself up about the game or even watching France take down Croatia at all for that matter (GASP!).

While I went to school at the University of Maryland and graduated a full two years ago, I actually make my way back to the DMV quite often. A lot of my friends still work and live in D.C. and Maryland, and Blake's family lives down there too, so it's always a great time when I visit. As I write this post, my sister is actually on her way back from her UMD orientation since she has decided to become a Terp! Now, there's even more reason to come back often. I have had some incredible memories over the years having lived in and visited many parts of DC/Maryland. I don't particularly love the Greyhound bus rides back and forth from New York City (especially on a Friday night), but hey, it gets me where I need to go (eventually). I had originally planned to come down in July for my friend Aash's 24th birthday celebration, but it turned into a productive weekend of catching up with friends hanging out in Baltimore and getting crabs for the first time. I usually like to write long sagas in my posts but I will keep this one short and sweet. Here is my weekend in photos!

DNV Rooftop

I enjoyed this rooftop even though we had the same view of Thomas Circle from our hotel room across the street. The weather was perfect but the bouncer's attitude - not so much. Happy birthday Aash!

DC Wharf

I've been hearing about the new Wharf for a while now, and it was only a my a matter of time before I made it here to see if for myself. What an adorable summer haven! We had a delicious dinner at Mi Vida and then walked around and cozied up to the firepit on the pier. We ended the night hanging out at Dupont Circle and then filled up on &pizza!

Fell's Point / Baltimore

I've been to Baltimore a handful of times with various groups of friends, but surprisingly enough, I've never actually eaten crabs during the years that I lived in Maryland. While messy, it was such a fun experience at Nick's Fish House. I'm actually going to the Boil this Friday with a bunch of friends am I'm excited to get my hands dirty again for some yummy seafood. Nothing like that see-food diet!

Thames Street Oyster House

Thames has been on my list for a few months now, especially after we weren't able to eat here when we visited Fell's Point during Easter weekend. Luckily, we found some bar seats on a Sunday afternoon and filled up on lobster ceviche, lobster mac n cheese, lobster rolls, and plenty of oysters! Seriously, this place is such a gem.

I've been doing a lot of traveling this year, and while I love longer getaways, the long weekends to the DMV are always some of the favorite. I'll actually be back here again in 2 short weeks, so it looks like I won't have to miss it too much!

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