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Cambridge & Boston Public Garden

Somehow we've made it through the end of July and I can't even believe it! I've had such a busy year so far that the days just roll by pretty quickly now and I realize that I haven't posted as much on the blog as I really loved to do the past year and a half. I've been living out of my suitcase more than I ever have in my entire life. I actually don't think I even really unpack anymore... I also split my time between so many hotels and different NYC apartments that it's kind of difficult to even keep track where my different parts of my wardrobe is at all times! So for the past couple of months, I've really learned to live with the basics and really decide what I can do without so I don't have to carry extra weight in my bag.

For those of you who may not have read my other recent posts or kept up with me on Instaland, I have been commuting to Boston weekly since April for my media client, who is headquartered in the Financial District. Over the last 14 weeks, I've grown to love this city so much and I really will miss the routine I have in the city when this project ends at the beginning of October. Luckily for me, I've experienced Boston in its peak season, and I've had so many great memories with friends, family, and coworkers in just a few months' time.

My every day life here is actually very ordinary, but I love it! It usually starts off with an oat milk latte and then heading to the office, and bouncing around between meetings, doing the daily work, and cracking jokes with the team. Some days, we'll do dinners together and check out new restaurants in town since most of us commute to Boston. We also went to a Red Sox game earlier this month and I recently planned a fun team Paint Night where we all painted the Boston skyline at sunset. Since we all kept them at our desks, it's a colorful and fun accessory to an otherwise pretty generic looking office. Most days I really just prefer going to cycling or Btone megaformer classes, grabbing takeout or eating dinner at the bar, watching some Food Network Cake Championship episodes, and then going to bed. And repeat!

The weekend is where the routine really changes, though, and this summer is no exception! Since Blake was studying for his CFA for a good few months while I began this project, he never had a chance to come visit me (until now!). I also stayed for Memorial Day weekend back in May with my family and Dasher if you want to check out that post here. Blake and I finally found a weekend that worked for the both of us and I got to show him around in a city he had never visited before. I always love showing people around in NYC because I am so familiar and have tons of recommendations on things to do and eat. And while I've only been in Boston for a few months, I feel like I've done so much and could pull off being a decent tour guide. For this post, I wanted to bring the blog back to a classic, casual lookbook, but this time with two outfits!

Boston Public Garden

My very first month here, I walked through BPG in my running gear and literally fell in love with its beauty. The sprawling tulips were in full bloom and painted the garden with vibrant colors of the rainbow. Since that day, I've walked through here at least a dozen times, and I loved bringing Blake here to feed the two swan lovers and walk through the lush greenery together on the way to dinner in Back Bay. I wore a white Lilly Pulitzer dress that I actually bought almost 3 years ago that I saved for my college graduation (click here to see the graduation post from 2016), but I actually wear it casually all the time. Sometimes I even wear it to worth with a blazer over it. The best thing about Lilly Pulitzer is that their dress styled have stayed very consistent through the years, and even though you can't get this exact dress anymore, you can bet that I found some very similar pieces!

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (Valli Shift Dress, Jane Shift Dress)

Harvard Square

While walking through Harvard Square for the first time on my first visit to Cambridge, I couldn't help but wonder how differently my life would have been if I actually went to school there! Maybe I'd have a different profession and moved to Boston, or I maybe I would have never met Blake if I didn't end up working in New York. I mean, who really knows right? While I wouldn't trade my experience at Maryland for anything, it would have also been pretty cool to go to an Ivy for undergrad. Grad school at Harvard is always a possibility in the future, but since it isn't on my radar right now, it was more exciting for me to see young kids doing campus tours and going to orientation on campus the day we visited. I could only imagine what that acceptance meant to these kids and their families.

We lucked out on some great weather during our Boston weekend, and Cambridge was the perfect day to rock this gorgeous pleated dress from Club Monaco. The vibrant tropical print is perfect for the summer for all different backdrops. I could see myself rocking this on an an island vacation, to work on a day where I feel like dressing up a bit, or in this case, frolicking around a university that I didn't attend. Either way, the dress works! I paired it with a pair of black, pointed-toe, leather mules, but you could easily swap them for some pointy red, statement stilettos for an event or a simple pair of sandals for the summer. This pair from Enzo Aangiolini is my go-to these day, and I wear them to work every week!

Outfit Details: Dress: Club Monaco (Zorbina Dress) | Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (Reya Mule)

Thank you so much for checking out this post! This next month is going to be filled with so much adventure and I am beyond excited for it. Can't wait to share them with you.

Love, Jess

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