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3 Days in Phuket

Nothing ignites my soul quite like new experiences, and while this trip to Asia had plenty of "firsts", there were also plenty of "seconds" that triggered plenty of nostalgia and appreciation for the beauty that I've been fortunate to see twice. I mentioned back in my first post of Thailand (Bangkok) that Phuket was the one and only city I visited back in the beginning of 2015. I have plenty of fond memories here, from walking down the famous Bangla Road and being bombarded to watch ping pong shows to going sailing on Phang Nga Bay and seeing a 1 handed monkey jump from canoe to canoe. Oh, and who can forget the time I passed out from dehydration after one too many shots of tequila rose during the roast pig banquet and then made it to the airport with flying colors the same night (really, you just had to be there).

If I could go back and re-plan this trip, I honestly would not have visited Phuket again because I felt like I saw the city pretty completely the first time around. The main reason we chose to stop by Phuket was because it was the most logical place for us to catch a flight straight to Hong Kong after island hopping. HOWEVER, I do have to say that there really is not city quite like Phuket, which has a great mix of crazy night life that embodies the classic Thai party scene and also the relaxing and tranquil beaches further away from the main city.

Baan Yin Dee Resort

I wouldn't consider myself a hotel snob, mostly because it really doesn't matter to me where I stay as long as I have a bed and some comfy pillows, and I'm not in a location where I feel endangered when I walk outside. However, having lived out of my suitcase for the last 30 weeks for both work and personal travel, I've stayed in my fair share of hotel and hostels over the globe, and I'm starting to believe that accommodation really does play a large factor in my travel experience. I found the Baan Yin Dee Resort on Chase rewards after doing search of Phuket just to see what would come up. I usually gravitate toward Marriott and Sheraton properties as an SPG fan, but I thought this boutique hotel was in a great location, just a 20 minute walk from Bangla Road and far enough away from the craziness of the city where we could experience some peace and quiet on our last beach spot.

Baan Yin Dee was such a beautiful, small resort, and for the two nights we were there, the entire pool was pretty much ours! We spent time splashing around and eating mango sticky rice in the pool during the afternoon lulls, and then catch an easy shuttle ride from the hotel down to the main streets if we didn't feel like walking. The only caveat is the walk up from Patong Beach is pretty uphill (but a great workout).

Patong Beach

Nothing really compares to the tranquil, basically private beaches of Phi Phi Island, but Patong is a classic and famous beach that will always have a special place in my heart. Located in the heart of Phuket, Patong Beach is loud and crowded, but easily one of the most popular beach destinations that people seem to flock to. As it was the first beach I ever set foot on on Asian soil, strolling through again was quite nostalgic in many ways.

Bangla Road

Bangla Road is notorious for being the heart of all Phuket nightlife, and the street really comes alive when the sun goes down. The street is closed off to vehicles, which means tourists are free to roam in whichever direction they please in an effort to hit as many clubs, beer bars, live music venues, and go-go bars as possible. While I find it a bit annoying that bars and restaurants hire people to hustle for customers on the street and bombard them with signs for happy hours and ping pong shows, Bangla road would not be what it is today without that grind. It's easily one of the most unique streets I have ever walked through in my life. There is just an explainable electric energy I feel every time I walk through it, whether its during the day or at night, which in a small city like Phuket is not different to do half a dozen times in a day. Some of the memorable bars we visited were Red Hot and the Kangaroo Bar, but make sure to check out the Aussie Bar, Bar Funk 3 or the famous Tiger Disco!

Ratuthit Songroipi Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

By this point in our Thailand trip, I probably already had 20 Thai iced teas, 10 coconuts, 21 curries, and more Pad Thai then I can even count. I had slowed down on taking food photos after Chiang Mai, but I managed to snap a quick one of our lunch at No. 6 Restaurant, right off of Bangle Road. What makes this no-fills eatery memorable for me was we tried to coming here the night before and decided to pass because the line was simply too long and we were low on cash without a debit card in the moment. It was a pleasant surprise that we came back the next day and got the last free table without a wait at all. This was one of the BEST pad Thais and curries we had on our entire trip and I highly recommend checking this place out because it's quick, cheap, and crazy delicious.

I kept this post short and sweet just like my visit to Phuket (coconut ice cream, mango sticky rice...). Thank you so much for checking those post out and for keeping up with my Thailand Diaries if you have been following my travel series. I will surely miss the kind people, unique culture, and delicious food of this beautiful country. But the motherland awaits!

Stay Tuned!

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