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A New York Minute: Silk Crop & Gingham Sandals

It's been just a little over a month since I came back from my epic trip to Thailand and Hong Kong, and I am still going through withdrawal! I've been posting my travel diaries (Thailand, Hong Kong/Macau) slowly the last couple of weeks because they not only take a decent amount of time to write, but also because I find more inspiration abroad than I do back in New York. Not to mention I simply love reliving the memories over and over again when I'm writing and editing photos.

One of my favorite things upon returning from a trip is actually the mini "break" I get to take from the blog. Usually, I use the first few weeks to get back into the swing of things like traveling heavily again for work, hitting the gym hard, and just lounging around with no make up on, my hair in a giant bun, and cooking up some ribeyes for dinner. But, even with this hiatus, I'm still busy in the background writing and editing and thinking about what is to come for Penny & Dash.

Bangkok Tales (@bangkoktales) contacted me during my lasts few days in Asia to see if I wanted to pick out an item from their feed and they would ship it to New York for me straight from Bangkok. To be honest, I'm usually pretty skeptical when it comes to complimentary clothes and accessories, and my email and inbox are flooded with lots of spam that I really don't like messing around with. But after a little investigation, it turns out that Bangkok Tales actually has some pretty cute and straw bags and accessories, made more unique since they are "lucky bags".

My 9-5 bag is a large leather tote large (aka black hole) that fits my laptop and 101 other things that I might look for 1% of the time when I'm traveling. The Chok Dee (aka Good Luck in Thai) bag is perfect for throwing in a wallet and a book for a chill weekend, which luckily I have had a lot of since returning from Hong Kong last month. A few Saturdays ago, Blake and I took a stroll around Williamsburg and then hopped on the L all the way back toward Chelsea for some tacos at Chelsea Market (Los Mariscos is bomb). Since the days are getting a bit chillier now, I decided it was finally time to dust off my favorite high-waisted black skinny jeans. I paired them with a burgundy, satin cropped button down blouse from Aritzia and strapped on my new pair of wrap-around gingham sandals. I contemplated taking them to Thailand with me, but opted not to wreck my feet on a new pair of strappy shoes for walking long distances on vacation. But when you're subwaying/ubering around and walking from one food establishment to another in the city, these cute sandals are perfect.

I can't be the only one to love Autumn weather but hate the difficulties of dressing in between seasons. One second you're not dressed enough and the next you're buying an unnecessary sweater for the hour because you're too cold. It's ok, because FALL is here and I'm SO excited!

Outfit Details: Blouse: Aritzia (green) | Pants: Zara (similar - Madewell) | Shoes: Anthropologie (similar - JCrew) | Bag: Bangkok Tales

#CasualClassics #Fashion

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