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Fall Trends: Animal Print is Back!

Back when I was in my freshman year of high school, I bought this sheer, chiffon, leopard baby doll top from Mandee. I loved that shirt so much and I would wear it to school with leggings or under cardigans as it grew colder and we transitioned into Autumn. But one day, Melissa (who if you have not been following Penny & Dash, is one of my best friends who I began blogging with), told me her honest opinion that she thought the top was tacky and gaudy and hated it. Back in the day (and even to this day), I really trusted her opinions, and that leopard tank still sits in my closet back at home in New Jersey after I stopped wearing it when I was 15! I only bring this story up because I was just visiting my parents' home last week and while reorganizing my closet, came across this nostalgic piece of clothing.

But guess what guys. Animal print ALWAYS comes back in style, and this season it's absolutely everywhere. I've traveled extensively for work this year, and I have really perfected my packing routine on Sundays. Most weeks I throw in 2 pairs of pants, a skirt, a dress, 2-3 blouses or dress shirts, and of course 1 black, white, or plaid blazer so I won't freeze my booty off in the A.C. of whatever office I am working out of that week. I usually figure out what combination of the clothes I want to wear the morning I get ready for work, so I'm not usually fixated on trying to create the perfect outfit in my closet and then pack (which is completely opposite of what I do for trips).

Because my 9-5 business casual dress is quite mundane and repetitive, I'm always trying to find unique and fun items to wear to the office. When I saw animal print on the runways this season, I just knew in my mind that I needed to style a leopard dress shirt! I'm currently traveling to Orlando every week, which still feels very much like summer with the high temps and even higher humidity levels. While it has already transitioned into Fall back in NYC and everyone has pulled out their cozy sweaters, I'm still in summer mode. I've worn this outfit to the office already in Orlando, but I tested it out first in NYC on a mild and chill Sunday. I spent the afternoon exploring West Village and checking out the Garret speakeasy, which is hidden inside a Five Guys. I'm really going to miss these beautiful weekend of frolicking around the city as winter nears us, but for now I'm still nursing my tan down in the Sunshine state!

Outfit Details: Blouse: H&M (Chiffon Option - TopShop) | Skirt: similar - Modcloth | Shoes: Aldo (similar - GAP) | Bag: Gucci

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