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Flatiron Office Vibes

I'm back in the office this week and that means business casual all-day, everyday. My go-to these days for the chilly weather has definitely been a dress shirt and a great pair of pants. It's simple, clean, and gives me extra warmth under my big coat for my commute. Plus, I don't have to think for more than 3 seconds before getting dressed about putting a special outfit together because I'd much rather hit snooze 2 more times (don't we all)!

This past Black Friday, I went a little crazy and bought everything under the sun - a new suitcase, cheeseboard and knives, heat tech gear from Uniqlo, velvet lip kits, a wool coat, and my most anticipated purchase, a Zara order with a bunch of different work pants! Fitted pants have always been difficult for me to find because of my petite frame and pickiness with fit. Some of my favorite places to shop for great pants for petite women include Ann Taylor, LOFT, Banana Republic, and Aritzia. This lookbook incorporates my favorite pair of work pants, that just so happens to be in my favorite color. I've been stopped at airports, subway stations, and the streets of Boston by strangers who tap on my shoulder just to tell me they love my pants or to ask me where I got them. I often pair them with a dress shirt or a top that is tuckable, and either grab a cardigan or blazer for the office.

Late nights in the office are never that fun, but sometimes you just gotta roll up those sleeves, get to work, and look forward to changing into leggings at home.

Outfit Details: White Blazer: Zara | Dress Shirt: J.Crew (Similar - Ralph Lauren) | Pants: Aritzia (Geneva Style) | Shoes: DSW (Similar - Cole Haan Grandevolution Oxford)

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