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New Favorite ClassPass Classes in NYC

ClassPass Overview & Membership Details

One of the best parts about living in New York City is the endless options when it comes to customizing your fitness routine to fit your lifestyle. Whether you like boxing or cycling, HIIT classes or Zumba, or you want to try something new like trampoline fitness or dance, the possibilities are limitless with ClassPass. With a ClassPass subscription, you have access to thousands of classes in hundreds of studios right at your fingertips. The ClassPass app is easy to use, encourages you to explore new workouts, and motivates you to keep going with the digital badges of achievements when you hit milestones like 10-week streaks, being a "pro" at barre, or attending a certain number of classes.

If you are not currently a member, here is a breakdown of the subscription costs and what that gets you each month.

Monthly Membership Cost in NYC

  • $0 / 2 week Free Trial: 35 Credits to take 4-8 Classes (Click here to get $40 off any ClassPass plan!)

  • $49 / Month: 27 Credits to take 2-5 Classes

  • $79 / Month: 45 Credits to take 4-10 Classes

  • $159 / Month: 100 Credits to take 10-20 Classes

Every class is priced at a different credit level, which means that you will get more bang for your buck if you choose classes that cost a lower amount of credits. ClassPass introduced this credit system last year, making it easier to adjust class credits based on peak times or if you have exceeded the maximum number of times you can visit the same studio per month. For example, the $159/month option allows you to attend the same studio a maximum of 3 times per month and then subsequent visits will cost more credits. Also, an express 25-minute class or a 1-hour open gym session will be less credits than a full 1 hour Barry's Bootcamp class, since it is worth less outside of the ClassPass membership pricing to begin with.

I personally use up all of my credits every month, but ClassPass is now much more flexible and there is free unlimited rollover credits into the next month. This way, you won't have to worry about losing your credits if you don't use them all by the end of you cycle. On the contrary, you can also add additional credits to your cycle if you went on a workout binge and want to keep it up!

Additional Credit Packs

  • $5 / 2-Credit Pack

  • $20 / 10-Credit Pack

  • $50 / 25-Credit Pack

  • $95 / 50-Credit Pack

You can even use your credits in a different city with the flex-location option, allowing you to toggle between cities so you can work out even if you are away from home base for work or vacation. No more excuses!

Favorite Classes

Now that I've broken down the ClassPass system for you, I'll get into some of my favorite classes in New York City. I love exploring different types of classes and trying new things so I can diversify my fitness routine and keep it fun and interesting. However, I am also a creature of habit, and when I find something new that I love, I will come back to the same studio for weeks on end until I find a good way to incorporate it into my normal routine. My favorite classes are HIGH CARDIO and includes some form of STRENGTH TRAINING or TONING . I love a good sweat, and I feel the best doing them right when I wake up or after a long day of sitting at the office. Sometimes, I'll even skip my lunch break and head to a class at noon for that extar boost to finish my dad strong. Keep in mind that there are hundreds or different classes and studios to choose from in New York, and the ClassPass app is incredibly easy to navigate so you can filter by time, location, and category of exercise (cycling, strength, boxing, cardio, yoga, bootcamp, etc.).

These recommendations are my holy grail studios and classes. Doing ClassPass full time, 5-6 days a week is incredibly expensive and adds up quickly. I go to a class on average 4-5 days a week, and supplement the other days with running outdoors or doing an at-home video work (did I mention that on-the-go workout classes are free with ClassPass membership?). Though I usually have to add more credits by the time I'm halfway in my cycle, investing in my body and fitness routine is something that is well worth the money in my opinion. Establishing routine is not easy (or cheap), but your brain and body will thank you in time. I hope this guide helps you discover new ways of making fitness a fun and rewarding experience and gives up the push to try something new!


Studio: Exhale

Location(s): Flatiron - 19 W 21st St. | Central Park - 150 Central Park S | Upper East Side - 980 Madison Ave. | Gramercy - 420 Park Ave South (Temp Closed)

Class: Cardio Blast, Barre+Cardio

Class Type: Cardio, Strength, Toning

Amenities: Grade: A | Showers, Lockers, Towels

Exhale Spa is a 1-stop shop for fitness classes and spa therapy, so you could treat yourself with a facial/massage after a workout without even stepping outside if your heart desires. They offer a large variety of traditional barre, yoga and cardio classes in their 4 public NYC locations. Barre and yoga is definitely their bread and butter, but I highly recommend the Cardio Blast and Barre+Cardio classes. Cardio Blast is a 45-minute intense class using light weights between 2-5 pounds. The instructor takes you through a routine that usually incorporates cardio boxing, jumping jacks, squats and other moves to keep your heart-rate high for the duration of class. It is followed by a short abs series at the end. Barre + Cardio is another long-time favorite, as it divides a 60-minute class into half cardio and half traditional barre. This is perfect if you like to sweat it out first and then tone all within the hour.


- Cardio classes require shoes, but traditional barre and barre portion of the Cardio+Barre class will be either barefoot or with grippy socks. -Spots of first-come first-serve, so get here early if you want to be closer to the front.


Studio: 30/60/90

Location: Limelight Fitness (1st floor); 656 Sixth Ave

Class: Classic Body Bar

Class Type: Intense Cardio, HIIT

Amenities: Grade: A+ | Showers, Lockers, Towels

I’ve never been as obsessed with a class than I have been with 30/60/90. Before they moved from their old Union Square location to the beautiful 1st floor studio of Limelight Fitness, I had tried out their HIIT class a few times and found it difficult to follow. After giving it another try, I realized that I couldn’t live without it being a part of my fitness routine.

What makes this 45-minute class so unique and different from traditional HIIT classes is that there isn’t any down time or time spent waiting for demos and switching exercise stations. In 30/60/90, you stay in one spot with a step and riser number of your choice (1-2), and 2 sets of weights (5-10+ pounds). The class begins with a quick 3 minute warm-up and it goes into a 38-40 minute high cardio routine that alternates between 30, 60, and 90 second bursts of different moves. The last 15 seconds of each set is the final push where you completely ‘empty the tank” and go anaerobic (aka double time on a move). The first half of the routine does not use the weights (or body bar for some of the special classes), but the second half incorporates strength training with the cardio moves. The final minute and a half of class is 3 sets of 30 second cardio bursts of your choosing. There are no breaks in the class, but you can take them whenever you want and you are free to go at your own pace. I love this class so much because it will make you sweat like you’ve never sweat before and you will leave feeling stronger and leaner. I’ve taken this class over 50 times and even though I have the routine down and while it has gotten easier over time, I still struggle! Give it a try; I promise you won’t regret it.


-Spots in the studio are numbered and pre-assigned. When you sign in, the person checking you in will tell you which spot you are in, and if you want to pick a different one, they may be able to move you depending on how full the class is.

-If you are brand new, ask to be placed toward the back (if your assigned number isn’t) so you can observe the other, more experienced ones in the front.

-The studio is large and fits a lot of people, so the classes are usually never full booked. Feel free to book this one more last minute if you need to.

-30/60/90 shares the facilities of Limelight Fitness, which you have access to their spacious and clean women's locker room and showers.


Studio: ModelFIT

Location(s): 212 Bowery ark

Class: Cardio Sculpt

Class Type: Cardio, Toning

Amenities: Grade: B- | Lockers, Towels

ModelFIT is a SoHo gem, and I'm so happy I discovered this studio because it quickly became one of my go-to spots. They are well known for their classic sculpting classes, but offer a Cardio sculpt class option on most days of the week. Honestly, I've never tried the traditional sculpt class because I love the cardio one so much, but it must be good due to its cult following. The cardio class is about 55 minutes long and splits the time in half between cardio and sculpt. After a 5 minute stretch, you will go into a couple of choreographed routines, each paired with a different song. But don't worry, this class is very easy to follow unlike some dance classes that require some dancing skills and ability to follow non-beginner moves. After 4-5 songs, 1 of which is usually for an arm routine with light weights, you will be instructed to grab a mat and a set of ankle weights for the sculpting portion of class. This is where you get to tone you booty and work on your abs after the cardio sweat session. I LOVE this class so much because it is very fun and time passes by very quickly. The cardio portion is the perfect amount of time to get your heart rate up, and then you get to experience what ModelFit is best known for - sculpting that body! Oh, can't forget to mention the lighting in this studio is BOMB (great for a gym selfie)


-Bring your own lock for the locker room.

-There are no shower facilities in this location.


Studio: BodyRok

Location(s): Flatiron - 10 W 18th St., 2nd Floor; Union Square - 113 E 12th St.

Class: SCULPT Full Body

Class Type: Toning

Amenities: A | Showers, Lockers

They say that abs are made in the kitchen, but it doesn’t hurt to also have a crazy good toning workout to really help chisel out that summer bod. BodyRok is one of my favorite reformer classes in NYC (SolidCore and SLT are great too). It’s a 40-minute, high intensity, low impact class that helps improve your flexibility and balance and helps build up a strong core. Even though this class is not high cardio, I still work up a sweat from all the slow burning moves, and I am sore for days after. Personally, I like pairing the SCULPT class with an outdoor run or a cardio class. They have 2 locations, one in Flatiron and a brand new, beautiful studio in Union Square. The best part is that they have classes at both studios pretty much every hour, so you will always find a class that fits your schedule.

Tips: - Book in advance because spots tend to fill up quickly - Wear grippy socks

- The Union Square location is much more spacious with a beautiful locker room and amenities, while the Flatiron location does not have shower facilities.


Studio: Hit House

Location: Hit House (Nolita); 2 Spring St.

Class: Muay Thai Kickboxing

Class Type: Cardio, Kickboxing

Amenities: A+ | Showers, Lockers

My first exposure to Muay Thai (AKA "Thai Boxing") was in Thailand 4 years ago when I went to a Muay Thai fight in Phuket. It was unlike anything I've been exposed to before and I knew practically nothing about the sport. Fast forward a couple of years later, and I finally have a new appreciation for Muay Thai again after visiting Chiang Mai last year. Shortly after returning, I discovered Hit House, a boutique studio in Soho that teaches group Muay Thai kickboxing fitness classes. During this 50-minute class, you will learn and improve on your punches, kicks, knees and elbows by striking your own Bishop. As a beginner, I found the instructors very helpful in teaching, demonstrating, and correcting techniques and forms throughout class. I think the kickboxing Muay Thai class is the perfect intro to get into Muay Thai and they also offer 1-1 training if you more individualized coaching.

Tips: - You can rent gloves at the studio for a small fee, or you can bring your own wraps and boxing gloves to use for class as well.

- Classes are designed for every experience level from beginner to professional, so it's great for everyone.


Studio: Body By Simone

Location: 606 W 26th St.

Class: Full Body, Dance Cardio

Class Type: Cardio, Toning

Amenities: Grade: A | Showers, Lockers

Body by Simone truly has a cult following, and there's a reason why the classes at this Chelsea studio is always full. BBS offers a few different types of classes including Full Body, Dance Cardio, Tramp Cardio, ABC (Arms, Back and Core), and HTB (Hips, Thighs, and Buns). While all the classes have different routines, the underlying technique is derived from dance. The BBS classes are a mix of high intensity dance cardio combined with strength training, which is perfect for fat burning and toning. I like that the routines just use body weight and small dumbbells and simple equipment like sliders and resistance bands for the strength portions. I'm not very coordinated when it comes to picking up dance routines quickly, so if you're a bit challenged in that area like me, I would stick to the Full Body, ABC, and HTB classes. While dance cardio is definitely very fun, I noticed that many of the girls in class may be seasoned dancers and the class may move too quickly if you are not good at learning choreography quickly. Full Body is definitely my favorite total body workout routine!

Tips: - Get here early if you want to snag a spot closer to the front or a certain side. BBS classes are always very full and packed.

- The studio is one of the lease efficient to get to due to it's location. Reserve plenty of time to get here public transportation isn't very direct, and taking a taxi/Uber is not always quick either due to traffic congestion along the west side of town.

- I recommend staying toward the back of the room for the first new classes because watching the seasoned pros up front is very helpful to learn the moves.

Honorable Mentions

Studio: Brrrn: Cool Temp Fitness

Location: 107 W 20th St.

Class: SLIDE

Class Type: Cool Temperature Exposure, Environmental conditioning

Amenities: Grade: A- | Showers, Lockers

If you're looking for a truly unique fitness class, look no further than Brrrn: Cool Temp Fitness, the world's first and only cool temperature fitness experience. They offer 3 different classes: HIT, SLIDE and HIT + SLIDE, which are all taught in a 50 degree room. Basically, you can compare it to working out in a giant refrigerator. Studies have shown that working out in cooler temperatures helps to improve endurance and recovery, burn fat and more calories,, and also helps you to focus better and increases your energy levels. If you're interested in learning more about the health benefits of cold temp fitness, make sure to check out Brrrn's Cold Hard Facts. I personally really enjoyed the SLIDE class, which is a 50 minute, low - medium impact, core and cardio routine that uses the Brrrn Slide Board for lateral training and resistance training using SandBells. When I initially walked into the room, it was pretty chilly but not anywhere near unbearable. Once you start moving, you will warm up and barely notice the temperature in the room anymore. The instructor demonstrate how to safely slide on the slide board to make sure no one injures themselves. I found the workout to be really fun and unique since I've never done anything similar before. I found it to be great for improving my balance and can definitely see why gliding is a great way to strengthen the core and for total body conditioning.

One thing that I will note is that if you love a good sweat during a hard workout (as validation?), you may not be dripping sweat working out in a cold room since it will evaporate quickly. This may be more of a pro than a con for some people though!

Studio: The Fhitting Room

Location: 31 W 19th St.

Class: Fhitpit Fhix, Signature Fhix

Class Type: HIIT, Strength

Amenities: Grade: A | Showers, Towels

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes are some of the toughest workouts I've done, and one of the best studios for HIIT is the Fhitting Room. Studies show that as little as 27 minutes of HIIT 3x/week produces the same anaerobic and aerobic improvement as 60 minutes of steady state cardio five times per week, so it's a very effective workout that saves you time immediately.

Fhitting Room is known for their tough 50-minute total body workouts. The class starts off with a quick warm-up, and then the instructor will divide the room into different stations for each workout and demo the moves. The class will then split up into smaller groups depending on the number of people and we will rotate around the room and repeat the exercises 2-3 times before moving on to the next set of different stations and repeating. I don't always love HIIT because I don't enjoy the downtown while waiting for the demos, but they are definitely necessary because the class is very tough and you will want a few seconds to catch your breath.

With repetition and consistency, you will notice an increase in your endurance and strength. I also really enjoy the workouts because I get to learn different moves that I can take with me outside of class for my at home workouts.

Studio: TrampoLEAN

Location: Stepping Out Studios; 37 W 26th St (9th Floor)

Class: Total Body Burn

Class Type: Balance, Strength

Amenities: B+ | Showers, Towels

The ultimate workout? One that not only kicks my butt but is also really fun and makes time pass fly by. TrampoLEAN is fitness studio with high-energy, low-impact, top-rated rebounding classes. The studio is filled with mini trampolines, one for each student, to use during class. While each class has a different focus (butt + abs, booty sculp, buns + guns, bounce back, total body burn), all of them blend cardio endurance,muscular toning and high intensity training into a fun 50 minute routine. Sometimes, the instructor will also incorporate resistance bands and gliders into the workout.

Tips: - The studio is located in studio C at 31 W 19th St. on the 9th floor (Stepping Out Studios). You have to walk through the ballroom and studio C is the 2nd studio on the right.

- There are no lockers, but you can place your belongings along the wall in the same routine or small items like your phone right under your trampoline.

Thanks for checking out some of my favorite ClassPass and make sure to check it out to start your fitness journey too!

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