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Escaping City Life: 24 hours in Stratton, Vermont

During the tail-end of the cold and long, grueling winter days in New York City, most people who live here simply wish for a glimpse of the sun and for rooftop season to finally arrive. Summers in NYC are amazing; everyone takes advantage of outdoor activities and you suddenly see 50x more dogs curbed along the sidewalks. But as the temperature increases and the stuffiness on the subway platform becomes unbearable, we start itching to pack those backs for a weekend escape!

I'm so used to flying everywhere and using public transportation that sometimes I forget how great it is to have a car and be able to drive anywhere on a whim. Luckily, trains and buses can get you to hundreds of places cheaply and relatively easily in the Northeast, so you don't need to rely on owning a vehicle to make spontaneous, fun summer weekend plans. I often visit DC and Boston on long summer weekends, but over the last year, I've also crossed off Long Beach and Montauk, which are both located in Long Island. Most recently, Blake and I went to Vermont together for the first time as we went to visit our friends' beautiful lodge, called the WANDERMORE, in Stratton, Vermont. Check out their website and Instagram to see more of this stunning home!

We rented a Zipcar for a day and a half and made the 4 hour drive up north to get some fresh air and escape the busy city for the night. Zipcar is such an easy and convenient way to rent a car whether you need for for a day or even just for an hour. They charge by the hour, gas is included, and best of all, you can pick it up quickly without filling any paperwork or lines at the car rental place. After signing up for an account on the app and filling out a registration form, simply choose your nearest Zipcar location, the car you want, show up at the pick-up time and drive off! Take an impromptu trip to the beach, head to the grocery store, go on a mini road trip and explore a town outside of your normal weekend bubble. I'm so excited to do a fall foliage trip this Autumn in New England. If you want $25 in driving credit, feel free to use my referral code to start exploring today!

I wanted to share some of the pictures of this past beautiful, crisp weekend with you and hope this post gives you some inspiration to be with nature more often outside of our busy city lives :)


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