Kellogg's NYC: Cozy Winter Knit

February 27, 2018

I love myself a good bowl of cereal. As a matter of fact, I actually had long periods where I would only eat one kind of cereal every morning for what I remember was weeks at a time. I went through Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats, Reese's Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios and Kashi phases during my younger middle-school years. Now, my mornings are mostly replaced by home-made Kodiak Cake waffles and eggs benedicts for brunch, but cereal will always be a classic favorite.


What I love about NYC is that this city is always at the forefront of new and innovative creations. When it comes to places shown on those viral Facebook videos on the next must-visit foodie destination, I know I'll eventually make it there sooner or later. Kellogg's opened a few months ago at Union Square, and this 2nd floor cereal haven is an indoor playground for kids and adults alike. I got a pretty industrial feel walking through the cafe, but it was just a cool experience to see the type of place dreamed up with Kellogg's cereal as the inspiration. There is a full cereal bar, where you can create your owl unique bowl of cereal with milk, and a very full topping bar to add more sugary goodness. There is also a full menu of coffees and drinks as well for those who just want an afternoon pick-me-up. My pick? A Frosted Flakes latte! 


I usually put some thought into my outfit especially if I know where I'm going to be that day. I think this really helps to make a photo come alive when both background and outfit look on point together. The visit to Kellogg's was actually completely spontaneous, so it just happened to work out that my mustard cable-knit sweater really complemented the decor of the space (what more can you really want right??) I had picked up some lace-up jeans earlier in the week and I love how the criss-cross detail  pairs with the stitching of my sweater. These jeans are a really eye-catching piece, and I always feel extra snazzy when I wear them. I wore some mesh-pointed toe booties that are fabulous for walking around in the city since they only have a tiny heel. I just love shoes that look like they are terrible for walking but in reality, are secretly the best! Scroll for all the outfit details!


Outfit Details

Mustard knit sweater:

1) Topshop

2) H&M


3) Topshop

4) Versace





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