A Week in My Life

March 8, 2018


I go back and forth on whether or not I like having a routine sometimes. On one hand, it’s very comfortable and I don’t have to think too much about what to do next, but on the other, it can become really mundane and uninspiring, like I’m simply living on auto-pilot. Turning 24 this year and now being in my mid 20s (HELP!) really made me realize how fast time passes more than ever before. I want to look back at this time in my life in the future, and know that I really lived my “best life”. Everyone has their own version of what this “best life is”. For me right now, in this moment, it’s seeing the world, figuring out my ideal career path, getting my body into the best shape while eating yummy food around the globe, and living it up in my beautiful city of New York (it’s a love-hate relationship, trust me).


Although it’s fun for me to do a week in my life post, it’s also kind of difficult to show it because quite frankly, I don’t have a very typical routine. Everyday week looks different for me, which is what I love about my job as a consultant. I have months where I travel very consistently 3-4 days a week to one location, but then there are others where I won’t know where I need to be on a Monday until 48 hours before a flight or I’ll spend random days hoteling at my firm’s HQ in Times Square. Sometimes it can be annoying and frustrating not knowing if I can plan certain things into my schedule, but I really feed off of spontaneity and have become more flexible of personal since I began working. I’ve become pretty good at living life out of a suitcase, so I’m always ready at a moment’s notice. 


My last 7 weeks have probably been the most structured I’ve had in a while. But even then, it was anything but. I’ve been traveling down to Raleigh, North Carolina Tuesday to Thursday since my birthday in late January, and I can’t even believe we just hit March already. The days in between being on site with my client vary a lot since being in NYC excites me to explore and do things on the weekend. But I did manage to put together what an ideal week for me has looked like so far for me this year! 



Mondays have never really been a fun day for anyone, but I really discovered the beauty of not having to travel to a client site on Monday when I was given the option to fly out on Tuesdays instead for this project. My Mondays lately have usually been spent doing work remotely at a café in the Lower East Side or at my apartment in Midtown. It’s still not the most exciting day of the week, but finding new latte and matcha spots really gives me something to look forward to. My personal favorite spots for working from home are: Ludlow Coffee Supply, Greecologies, Cha Cha Matcha, and my newest discovery, Kona Coffee for their Hawaiian latte! I always head either to the gym in the evening, do a class, or run outside with my boyfriend before grabbing a bite to eat for dinner and getting ready for travel day on Tuesday.




My flight on Tuesday pretty much depends on my team’s decision the week before so sometimes I’ll leave very early in the morning and sometimes I leave in the evening. This is usually the day I use any free time like during lunch to run errands (go to the bank, drop stuff off at UPS, etc.) or I’ll try to go a quick gym class instead of lunch if I fly in later. Then I’m off to the airport! Seriously guys, I spend a lot of my life at airports and it’s been nonstop the last 3 years. In 2018 so far, I’ve been to the airport 16 times! Even then, I still get impatient when there are delays and long lines but thank goodness for TSA pre-check and global entry – LIFESAVERS! For those curious, I fly the most on Delta, but I have memberships with everyone from United and American, to JetBlue and even Hawaiian Airlines.




Good ol' hump day! My last few months of Wednesdays have been pretty routine. It usually begins with me hitting snooze on repeat and missing my 6am gym alarm. When I finally decide I can't procrastinate any longer and wake up, I quickly get ready, choose my outfit, put on some makeup to look alive, and then I'm out the door to wait for my co-worker since we carpool to the office together. I always make sure to either grab a smoothie or coffee on the way out, especially if I don't eat breakfast. I spend the entire day at my client's office usually, but we'll leave to grab lunch nearby (nothing out of the ordinary for anyone really). We do, however, always have a sit down lunch, so we don't come back to the office with any food. Usually, when I'm back in NYC, it's always a grab and go situation, but I enjoy longer lunches and getting away from my desk for a bit in the afternoon. Wednesday evenings change up a bit every week. I'll usually get dinner with my team and then workout, or I'll head to the gym first and then order delivery or go out and eat dinner by myself at a restaurant I found on Yelp. It's no secret I love to travel and eat, so I take every opportunity I can to try the best foods in new cities I visit. 


My personal recommendations for restaurants in Raleigh?

-Bida Manda (Laotian) 

-The Pit (American/BBQ)

-Beasley's Chicken & Honey
-Buku Street Food (Asian Fusion)




A blink of an eye and before I even know it, I am checking into my flight again to go home. My Thursday mornings and early afternoons are spent at the client, so it's really not all the eventful. It does however, always start with a coffee. Sometimes I'll hit up a nearby coffee shop but if Sbux is the only option, I'll go for an iced caramel machiatto with almond milk or lately I've been getting the hazelnut coconut milk mocha. We wrap up what we need to while we're on site before we leave to catch our flights back home. By the end of the day, I'm usually exhausted, so I'll get back home and either grab some takeout or head to a restaurant nearby for dinner before snoozing. There have been a few funner Thursdays hanging out with friends and staying up super duper late at the bar, but for the most part, Thursdays are pretty tame and I thoroughly enjoy them. It is definitely the day that I think flies by the most though (besides the weekend.


Edit: As I sit here at RDU Airport delayed for 2 hours, today actually went by incredibly slowly. So I guess it really depends on the day and my luck...



TGIF! I love Fridays because it’s probably the day where I get to see the most people and be a social butterfly. I always start the morning with a workout, especially if I didn’t get to it on travel Thursdays. Every Friday varies, but I’ll split my time between client and internal firm calls, meetings with my counselor at the office, finishing client work and sending statuses, and ending the afternoon with happy hour! Depending on the night, I’ll eat dinner and then go out to meet up with friends in East Village or just stay in a watch a show with Blake. Right now, we’ve just finished binge watching the Netflix series, Seven Seconds.


I guess to be more specific, here is what my 2/23 Friday looked like
-8am Planet Fitness
-10am Send in my article for an approaching deadline for the Newsletter I write for
-1-3pm Finish client work from the week and grabbed lunch on the way to the office
-3pm Meeting with my counselor at the office
-5pm Early dinner at Joe’s Shanghai with 11 close co-workers
-10pm Watched a movie on my new couch and fell asleep after eating mango sticky rice I picked up from a neareby Thai restaurant






The best thing about living in New York is that there’s always so much to do, and everything is right outside my doorstep. Coming from a small town in Jersey, I often wondered how I even passed my time during my younger days because it’s hard to keep myself entertained whenever I go back home to visit now. Depending on our mood, Blake and I will either go out for brunch on the weekend or I’ll made us Kodiak Cake waffles for breakfast (they're healthier versions of traditional waffles). We’ll both head to the gym, and I’ll work on blogging stuff while he studies for the CFA. Usually, we spend the afternoon outside walking around, grocery shopping, or he’ll help me shoot some pictures for the week if I scope out a cool backdrop. This happens most weekends, but sometimes one of us will be out of town, I’ll be heading back to Jersey, or we will have plans with our friends for some parts of the weekend. It’s actually been really easy to just be accommodating to each other’s schedules and we spend enough time apart during the week that it’s great to spend quality time together on the weekend. Saturday nights vary between going out, going to friends’ birthdays or just staying in and making kombucha together (post on our recipe coming soon!). Sunday nights are more typical, since I usually pack for the week, do my clay facemask, and sleep earlier to get recharged for the next week ahead!


Some fun highlights from the past few months? Cancun, 50 Shades Freed, Valentine's Day dinner at BLT Prime, Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown, and the Coffee and Tea Festival (coming up this weekend!)

New Food Faves: Bar Virage (brunch), Kiin Thai Eatery (Greenwich Village), Maharlikha (Filipino food), Morgenstern's FInest Ice Cream (coconut ash flavor)


The best part about this post is that as soon as I finished writing it, I found out I actually won't be coming back to Raleigh next week, so it's time to shake it up and find a new routine soon! Can't wait to share it in the upcoming months :)



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